To change or not to change? Am I taking my husbands name?

Welcome back to my small little corner of the internet. This week I'm braving the topic that I have given a lot of thought. As you may or may not know, last year I got engaged to a rather handsome bearded chap. This year we are getting married. We've booked the venue, the dress has … Continue reading To change or not to change? Am I taking my husbands name?


Snow Day Oreo Cookies

The beast from the east finally hit Leicester last night, so instead of sipping cocktails with the beautiful Naomi (who also makes the most amazing flatware check out her stuff here), I found myself hunting for some new recipes to try out. One of my beautiful bridesmaids is coming to stay tomorrow so I thought … Continue reading Snow Day Oreo Cookies

Starting my final year

  In 2010 I wasn't happy with where my life was headed. I was in a job that meant I had missed out on countless holidays, birthdays, and weekends with friends. My boyfriend was in his second year at University and heading towards a career with prospects and ¬†opportunities that I just didn't have access … Continue reading Starting my final year