Life update – What have I been getting up to?

Aloha beauties welcome back to my corner of the internet, its been a while since I had a chat with you about what I've been getting up to. Since we last had a chinwag about the legal parts of my life, I was on the hunt for training contracts and taking a break from the … Continue reading Life update – What have I been getting up to?

Whats next for Lady Law Student?

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet beauties, today is an extra special day as it marks the day that I graduate. So to celebrate this big day I'm going to tell you whats next for Lady Law Student and what I'm graduating with today. As this post goes live I'll be donning … Continue reading Whats next for Lady Law Student?

Why you should vote.

On June 8th 2017 the nation will head to the polls to vote on which party will guide the country through the Brexit negotiations. Now before you think "oh god another preachy who I should vote for post" think again, this is not that sort of post! I want to talk to you about¬†why you … Continue reading Why you should vote.

Starting my final year

  In 2010 I wasn't happy with where my life was headed. I was in a job that meant I had missed out on countless holidays, birthdays, and weekends with friends. My boyfriend was in his second year at University and heading towards a career with prospects and ¬†opportunities that I just didn't have access … Continue reading Starting my final year