The (Un)mature-mature student

Whats it like being an undercover "mature student"?


Starting my final year

  In 2010 I wasn't happy with where my life was headed. I was in a job that meant I had missed out on countless holidays, birthdays, and weekends with friends. My boyfriend was in his second year at University and heading towards a career with prospects and ¬†opportunities that I just didn't have access … Continue reading Starting my final year

So you’re going to be a law student…

You've spent two years cramming for A Level exams, drafting personal statements, visiting prospective universities, panicking about exams, and then the long wait. Maybe you've taken a gap year or a few years out, either way the time is finally here your going to be a law student.¬†   So what should you expect? Are … Continue reading So you’re going to be a law student…