Just a few things about me

IMG_4258I’m 27 and in my final year at University of Leicester studying Law. I’m technically a mature student, but I don’t feel that mature. I own a crazy cocker spaniel called Bramble, who has her own section in my monthly favourites posts. I recently got engaged, so I may include some student budget wedding tips in the future. I love reading, baking, shopping, going on adventures and binge watching Netflix shows.

Why I started the blog

One stressful afternoon in the midst of revising for my second year exams I opened up a BlogSpot account and just started writing, suddenly I felt much more relaxed and ready for another battle with Land Law. It was nice to focus on something that wasn’t revision or work and it massively helped me with my exam stress. After the exams were over I enjoyed writing the blog so much that I decided to carry on.

What I blog about

I try and include a little bit of everything from beauty to revision tips, baking and what I’ve been up to (and everything else in-between). The main focus though is all of the above on a budget, this aspect is super important to me as student funding is squeezed tighter and tighter every year so if/when find any bargains I try and share it with you all :). A new addition to the blog is the #bloggybride series, run in collaboration with Utterly Feral, Mummy Harris, and Rock&Roses Mama. Look out for a new post each Sunday.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Lady Law Student