Hot Pod Yoga…what’s the fuss??

Welcome back to my small corner of the internet, Its been a while hasn’t it. Wedding planning has kicked up a gear, decorating has been in full swing and work has my as busy as bee. As you can see I have a lot going, which hasn’t left me a lot of time for the blog and for me quite frankly.

So in an effort to make some time for myself and aid the dress fittings I’ve signed up for a 14 day unlimited pass at Hot Pod Yoga in Leicester. For £15 you can attend as many sessions as you want for two whole weeks.

So what is it?

Well quite simply its an hour long yoga class in 37 degree heat inside a giant inflatable pod made from parachute material.

The pod is lit with soft lighting with the soft smell of essential oils to soothe you, and presumably aid with the smell of 20 hot bodies sweating their way through the class.

Where is it?

Housed in the old Registry office, you are buzzed into a entry hall with a large sweeping stair case. Painted in, what I would call, London grey, you arrive in landing where you are kindly asked to remove your shoes.

Through the door to your right you enter the Hot Pod Yoga reception. The space is clean and modern, with a friendly instructor to check you into the class. Even better there is the resident cockerpoo Cooper with a waggy tail to welcome you.

The changing rooms are unisex, with brightly coloured cubicles to break up the grey and white. The studio is well equipped with toilets, and showers. There are thoughtful touches of hair dryers and make up wipes in the bathroom in case you want to take the class as a fresh faced babe.

What do I need?

  • A towel, two if your going to show after, because you will be sweating buckets. They do rent towels there but you need to pay online before the class as it is all cashless.
  • Bottle of water, hydrate through out the day and take some water with you. You can sip water throughout the class if you need to.
  • Hair band (girls your going to want to tie your hair up)
  • Girls – leggings, vest top
  • Boys – shorts and top
  • The site also recommends not eating an hour before so make sure you’ve had your lunch.

They do supply yoga mats but if you feel more comfortable you’re more than welcome to take your own.

The classes

Hotpod Flow, for beginners to intermediate levels. This class is their signature class, based on vinyasa. The hour long class combines active and passive postures.

This was first class I tried out, it took a few minutes to get used to the warmth but I found it really helped me to deepen my stretches. Real talk you will sweat a lot, so make sure you have drunk a lot of water throughout the day. The instructor asked if we didn’t mind being adjusted if needed and take breaks when ever we felt we needed to.

The soft lighting meant that I didn’t feel to conscious about the other people in the pod. There was no element of competition just a focus on enjoying the class and improving my posture.

After going to Hot Pod Flow for a few sessions I booked on to Nurturing Flow. This class had more of a focus on meditation and holding positions to really feel the benefit to your body.

This class was exactly what I needed on a Friday evening after a long week at work.

So will I keep going back?

I think its safe to say I’ve caught the hot yoga bug, it  has really helped me unwind after the day, and my skin has felt so much clearer and fresh. Now the skin thing, not sure if this is down to the fact that I am drinking more water or if I am sweating out all of the toxins.

The heat has helped me become more flexible during classes. Strangely it has helped me with my bloating from my IBS, no idea how that has worked but I’m certainly waking up with a flatter stomach.

I’ll be signing up for the mini membership and getting my yoga on once a week.

Let me know if your tempted to try out hot pod yoga or if your a sweaty yogi expert with some top tips.

Until Next Time….

Lady Law Student x

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