Sex and the City…still a classic?

Welcome back to my corner of the internet guys and dolls. Lets be honest I’ve neglected the old blog for a while. Turns out life in the working world, planning a wedding and trying and failing to grow a booty seems to take up a lot of time. Did I mention I also bought a house? Don’t worry there will be a whole post all about my new abode coming soon.

So what have I been doing?

Well I’m still beavering away trying to find the right area of law for me, still failing at running each week and re-watching that old gem S.A.T.C. So is it like fine wine thats aged well, or is it a carton of orange juice that is languishing at the back of the fridge and past its sell by date?

My Thoughts…

  1. I’m either so old that all of the fashion has come full circle and is back in or the stylist is some kind of genius. Sure some of Miranda’s outfits in the first season fall flatter than a failed soufflé but Charlottes and Carries outfits sure look like the inside of Urban Outfitters.
  2. If it was set now Carrie would tweet her thoughts, Charlotte would work for Gloop, Samantha…would still be Samantha and Miranda would be a QC striding through the Royal Courts of Justice in Gucci Loafers.
  3. How is there skin so good when they drink that many cocktails?
  4. How does Miranda make partner in a law firm when she never seems to be at work. I’m a lowly paralegal that barely manages to form a full text some days.
  5. Carries apartment gives me serious Pinterest inspiration, but how does she afford it and all those shoes?
  6. If it was set now would Samantha have an assistant to swipe through Tinder for her?
  7. Does Skipper look like a budget version of Tom Hanks?
  8. Mens Fashion does not age as well as Women’s Fashion from the 90’s.
  9. Would Big vape instead of smoking cigars?
  10. How do they never have a hangover?


What I do know is that my twenties weren’t anywhere near as glamorous as Carrie’s 30’s. But I am quite happy to live vicariously through my TV, I hate Cosmopolitans I’d much rather drink gin, and I still can’t afford Manolo’s. I am happy that smoking is no longer glamorous, open toed shoes are back in fashion and cami tops are here to stay.

So yes one thing is for sure….Sex and the City is still a classic.

Until Next Time…..

Lady Law Student

(But lets leave Kitten Heels, Blue Mascara and Boleros where they belong, in the past. x)

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