Why say it with flowers when you can say it with biscuits?

Hello beauties welcome back to my corner of the internet, today I am chatting all things baked goods and weddings. So grab your self a cuppa or a glass of Sunday wine and lets have a chat about all things biscuits.

As you might be aware by now I got engaged to a rather handsome bearded Chappy around a year and a half ago. Since then its been all things Bloggy Bride as I tackle weddings cakes, invites and flowers in the run up to the wedding. During that time I’ve been lucky enough to receive a number of cute engagement presents from friends and family since I said yes. My lovely gin twin sent me a candle with the date we got engaged, my soul sister sent me the most helpful wedding planning book and my sister to be in law sent me a print with our engagement date which sits proudly over our bed.


Recently the lovely people over at Biscuiteers sent me a lovely box of personalised engagement biscuits to celebrate our engagement. Hands up who loves biscuits? Because I certainly do. Biscuiteers have biscuits to cover every occasions, from Christmas to Christenings and Halloween to House warming. They have got it covered, not only are they beautifully decorated you can also personalise them as well.


Now lets address the elephant in the room my partners name isn’t Jame, its Simon. However once I told Biscuiteer’s they sent me a new box straight away with the right names on. They were really quick and so lovely about it.


Inside the tin, which is perfect for keeping your wedding cards in or dried petals from your wedding flowers. You get these super cute hand decorated biscuits. My favourite is for sure the flowers and the champagne flutes. I can’t wait to share these with Simon on our next Downton Abbey Marathon (our new addiction).


They are the perfect gift when you don’t want to send flowers or you want to send something more personalised and special. They also have a wedding box which you can send to your loved on on their big day. Know a bride with a sweet tooth? Friends with a groom who loves nothing more than a cuppa and a biscuit? Want to make your children or step children feel special on their parents big day? Why not send them a special treat on their big day.

Fancy something different as a wedding favour, Biscuiteers also have individual biscuits and chocolates that you can customise for your big day. Prices rang from £30.00 all the way down to £6.00 for a ginger bread bride or groom. You can check out their wonderful range here.


Now I don’t know about you but I’m going make my self a cuppa and enjoy these cute biscuits from Biscuiteers. Let me know what your favourite engagement present was, or whether you had biscuits as wedding favours. You can find Biscuiteers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Until Next Time

Lady Law Student 

These biscuits were sent to me as a gift, all opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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