Why I love Autumn, even if it makes me a basic bitch.

The leaves are turning, the mustard yellow clothes are creeping into stores and glastonberry is back on my lips. Yes you guessed it Autumn is here and the basic girls and donning their Uggs and running to Starbucks to get that PSL fix. So why do I love Autumn so much?

There are so many reasons…


I can break out my giant jumpers, red lips and Chelsea boots. It becomes acceptable to drink Hot Chocolate every night and curl up under a blanket. My brushed cotton sheets are snuggly and I don’t get judged for wanting to nap all the time. But best of all I can cover up my non existent summer bod in mustard yellow jumpers with furry pom poms.

I can bake endless batches of Gingerbread men with zero judgment. Autumn has the best holiday of all….Halloween of course. It means I can break out by halloween wardrobe and stomp around like the Sanderson sisters sniffing out jumpers in shops. Or stare longing into the distance stirring a mug of coca with my mind and dream of hair like Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic.


Its a magical time of year…

September sun is more golden, the leaves are colours of red and gold and chestnuts are starting to fall. Its a time of year where you can hide your rippling party pack under a giant jumper and no one will know. The pumpkins are in the shops and its perfectly acceptable to buy a fun size bag of sweets and pretend there for trick or treaters.

But most of all…most of all its my favourite season of them all….

Autumn fashion my greatest love, I can break out cosy hats and comfy flats. Chelsea boots and knitted tights, fluffy jumpers and Burgundy bags. Its the best time of year, the shops are slowing filling up with all of my favourite colours and I couldn’t love it more.

You can rock dark lips to work and hide the fake tan away for another day.

Knitwear hats can hide day 4 hair and giant scarves can hide the fact you didn’t put a scrap of makeup on that day.

So lets embrace our inner basic bitch and own the fact its the best season of them all. If you need me I’ll be kicking through the leaves holding a PSL and instagraming the shit out of my day.

Until Next Time

Lady Law Student…

PSA I have never tried a PSL they may be disgusting…..they are probably disgusting….I’d stick to gin ….

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