Life update – What have I been getting up to?

Aloha beauties welcome back to my corner of the internet, its been a while since I had a chat with you about what I’ve been getting up to. Since we last had a chinwag about the legal parts of my life, I was on the hunt for training contracts and taking a break from the LPC plan.

So what has happened since then….

Well I started a job a couple of weeks ago, hence the peace and quiet on the old blog front, and knuckled down to life as a Paralegal in a local firm.

So whats life like as a Paralegal….

Well for the first few weeks I was so tired each day I was asleep by 8pm most nights. It’s not like my body wasn’t used to 9 – 5, as I had been full time at the SU in the Marketing team pretty much straightaway after finishing my exams. I was just exhausted at the end of each day.

Life as a paralegal is so much more fast paced, each day is different and sometimes you forget to have lunch. I’ve had to fill a designated snack draw with healthy snacks to keep me going when those hanger days hit.

I’ve got to experience so much in the six weeks I’ve been there, some of it challenging and some of it worlds away from what I could ever imagine. But its safe to say I have been loving every second.

So do I have any tips for my fellow graduates and Paralegals….?



Get yourself a memorable office mug, I went for this snazzy fella. That way Bertha from accounts

won’t accidentally use your giant mug when your need your coffee kick.



Always carry and emergency banana, days in court can run over, clients can talk for longer than you anticipated and a short task might not actually be so short. When your hungry your not working to your best. I’ve even invested in an banana box so they don’t get battered and bruised.


Pick your self up a notebook, you will have to take in so much information that you are never going to remember it all. From how to set up a new client, to opening matter numbers and checking court bundles your going to need to remember it all.

Write it all down and that way you can always come back to your notes if you forget anything.

While your at the shops grab your self a nice big tote bag, that way when you need to carry bundles to court you can pop your client correspondence file in your bag and free up your arms.

My final tip was given to me on my second day by the most lovely solicitor. Head down to H&M, Zara or Mango and get your self some blazers and suit jackets to leave at work. That way your always court ready, you can throw on your blazer and work heels (handy black heels that live under your desk) and you are one snappy dressed Paralegal ready to type as fast as you can during a hearing.

So theres my hints and tips that I’ve picked up so far. I’ll keep you posted on life as a Paralegal and where it takes me. Let me know your tips for life post Uni or for life in a law firm.

Until Next Time…..

Lady Law Student


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