Bloggy Brides – “What to do when you loose your Wedding planning Mojo”

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet brides to be and wedded babes. Last time Sophie from a Beautiful Ride took us through the 10 things she learnt on her wedding day. This week I’m talking to you about how I lost my wedding planning mojo and how I plan on getting it back.


Now ladies I’m not sure if it was gradually chipped away or if I just woke up one day and it was gone. Either way one day I just couldn’t face the idea of any more planning. Now before alarm bells start ringing I definitely still want to get married and I can’t wait to be a certain misters wife, but the idea of having to look at one more florist or one more canapés made me want to scream and cry.

Maybe its because I felt like my day wasn’t my own any more, or perhaps the mounting number of guests was making me panic that I’d be bankrupted by the invites alone. Now I know I have blogged about Eloping before, but I got even closer a few weeks back. I was  tired of trying to please everyone and feeling that the day I had been looking forward to was slowly but surely becoming the one thing I hadn’t wanted.


So what did I do and how do I get my Mojo back?


For a little while I just took a break, I spent time with my partner, went running, drank wine and didn’t give two shits whether the flowers would make Aunt Carol sneeze or whether Cousin Prudence and her 14 brats were offended that they weren’t invited. I ignored everything wedding and just enjoyed being a couple.

Slowly but surely I felt like I had the oomf to start planning and make my day my own.

I started small and ordered invites, I met a wedding photographer and was really honest about what I wanted and she was fine. I booked my hairdresser instead of trying to find one near the venue and felt secure knew that she would know exactly what I wanted. I put my foot down and stopped caring if people got what they wanted.


Its yours and your partners day. If you want to arrive on a pink camel then book the dam camel. If you want to wear a white tuxedo and he wants to wear a dress then dam well go for it. Don’t try and please everyone because it won’t work, stop worrying if people are going to have fun because they will. And if the idea of wedding planning still makes you want to set fire to your dress and move country then elope.

Either way just make sure you do it your way.

Don’t forget to check out all of the other Bloggy Brides, who you can find on our twitter page Bloggy_Brides. Keep an eye out for Chloe’s post on the 10th September and don’t forget to let me know your top tips for keeping that wedding planning Mojo flowing.

Until Next Time….

Lady Law Student x


One thought on “Bloggy Brides – “What to do when you loose your Wedding planning Mojo”

  1. I love this post! I have been engaged a couple of years and we have decided that we want to start planning it this year but it’s so daunting because I just feel like its so much money and I’m planning it for everyone else and not myself. This makes me realise that our wedding is about me and my partner, not our families



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