Bloggy Brides – “To Elope or not to Elope”

Happy Sunday Bridal Beauties and welcome back to my corner of the internet, its the best day of the week because its Bloggy Brides day. Last week the beautiful Rock and Roses Mama took us away with her and showed us her honeymoon snaps. This week I’m getting real and talking to you about my inner battle.

To Elope or not to Elope, that is the question

Recently both Simon and I have been really struggling with wedding planning, the dream wedding we sat down to plan has taken on a life of its own, costs were reaching the upper limit of what we had ever wanted to spend and the guest list was out of control.

Last week while walking home from Tesco’s we realised that we were both feeling the same way, and finally expressing my feelings made me feel like a weight had been taken from my shoulders. I felt like my wedding had become about pleasing other people, inviting people hadn’t seen in years to keep family members happy, making changes so other people would have a good time and forgetting that a wedding should be about us celebrating our continuing journey together.

Elope…but to where?

Italy of course…in my head we jump on a plane, wedding dress in tow, to Florence. We get married in a small courtyard and then spend weeks taking in Italian life, drinking espressos and walking through art galleries. It would be just us two, an officiant and a bunch of flowers from a local shop.

So what do we do?

Well we’ve decided to take back control of our wedding, the guest list is being cut shorter than Katy Perry’s new do, we are focusing on the details that will make sure it still feels like we are in control and if it all gets too much I still have the travel agent on speed dial.

If I could go back to before we started planning a small Italian wedding, with Dave Grohl officiating, would be top of my list. So to make sure I still get my Florence dream we will be spending a long honeymoon there straight after the wedding, the way it should be…just us two.

Let me know if you eloped before your big day, or changed it all mid way through planning? Keep your eyes peeled for Mrs Mummy Harris’s post next week over on our brand spanking new Twitter page. As always don’t forget to show Utterly Feral, Rock and Roses Mama and Mrs Mummy Harris some love.

Until Next Time…..

Lady Law Student x

(Unless I’ve eloped of course)


4 thoughts on “Bloggy Brides – “To Elope or not to Elope”

  1. I am so jealous of your pending elopement (is that even a word?) My dream wedding was a wedding on a beach but due to a large immediate family it was too expensive 😦
    Love this though! Could you get a Dave Grohl lookalike to efficiate? hahaha

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