Catching the Running Bug

Welcome back to my little corner of the internet, this week I’m chatting to you about why I started running and how I caught the running bug. So grab your self a G and T, or a glass of something fruity and fizzy and lets have a chin wag about all things running.

So why did I start?

For the past few years I have dipped my toes in and out of the running pool but never fully taken the plunge.First of all, you maybe be aware that last year a furry little cocker spaniel called Bramble joined the Elliott-Haines pack. She’s a mischievous madam who needs a lot of exercise, so I decided to dust off my trainers and hit the gravel to keep her exercise requirements satisfied.

The second reason is that I wanted to take part in the Race for Life this year and raise some money in memory of my best friends father and my great aunt Kathy, also known as Fred. Cancer is something that will affect all of our lives and if I can make small contribution to helping fund a cure or treatment, then I want to try and help as much as possible. Next year I’ve got my eye on the 10k race, so keep your eyes peeled for my fundraising page next year.

So what tips to I have for other beginner runners?

  1.  Get some comfy running shoes, don’t just dig out an old pair of shoes that have seen better days. Your feet are the only part of you that will (hopefully) be pounding those pavements, so make sure you’ve got some decent treads.
  2.  Start easy, if you haven’t run before don’t try and run a marathon straight off the bat. You will hurt your self.
  3. Warm up, I always walk to the park or starting point of my run and do some lunges and stretches on my way there
  4. Stretch, make sure your stretching properly after your run. It will save you the time of having an injury.
  5. Download an App to track your runs, I use Strava to track my runs. If you have a fitness watch most seem to sync up to the app pretty well.
  6. Find your local park run and get involved, most cities or towns will have a free Saturday park run which is a timed 5k run. It means you can keep track of your progress and make some running friends.
  7. Give your self a goal, mine is to run a 10 k race with my lovely Yorkshire gal Miss Laura by the end of the year.
  8. Find your pace, build up to it each week by setting your self little goals to beat.
  9. Win the inner argument. I don’t know about you but I have an internal argument with my self on every run as to how far I’m going, when I’ll stop and how fast I will run. You can beat that inner coach potato!
  10. Have fun! Running for me is about running away the day to day stress, having run and spending time outside.

So whats next?

Well I only started running properly around 3 months ago, and last month I finally took the plunge and joined a local running club called the West End Runners. I’m already loving running with a group and have met some friendly faces who I can say hello to on my Saturday Park run. Maybe in a year or so I will be building up to a half marathon or 10 mile race? Either way I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me and what goal I meet next.

Let me know your running tips or favourite fitness bloggers. I follow the lovely Tabby over at Take Heart who has just completed an amazing trail race, so go show her some love.

Until Next Time…..

Lady Law Student x 

6 thoughts on “Catching the Running Bug

  1. This has definitely made me want to start running again. I used to run cross country throughout school and I do miss the feeling when running. Just after a weight gain my confidence is a little short right now! Good luck getting to your 10k and your run for cancer, it’s such a great cause to run for, something I would aspire to do in the near future.

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