Story Book Cosmetics – “Wizardry & Witchcraft Palette”

Welcome back Beauties, I am so excited for this weeks post. Way way way way back in February Story Book Cosmetics did a pre-sale for their highly anticipated Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette. Safe to say I snapped that bad boy up and marked my calendar for that May ship date.

Well boys and girls its finally here, and I am so excited to share it with you. Anything even slightly magical (or Harry Potter related) is a win for me. So lets see how the new Wizardry & Witchcraft stands up against the three P’s; Price, Packaging and Product.




The packaging is absolutely beautiful, I mean seriously beautiful. The girls over at Story Book have absolutely killed it packaging wise, so much thought has gone into it and you can really tell. The palette comes in this beautiful bag to keep it looking fresh. As you might have guessed it’s designed to look like a book that Belle could grab off a shelf and walk through a French country village.

Storybook cosmetic palette

It comes with a beautiful mirror that can be folded back on its self to prop the palette up. On the inside we have 12 stunning shades with the names embossed below. Its got to be said the packaging is a straight out winner for me.

Packaging – 5/5


Swatched from left to right across the palette, I am living for these shades. Each shade blends beautifully and has insane colour pay out! The metallic shades give so much colour without needing to wet a brush they almost feel wet look (in a good way). The shade range is so impressive and can be mixed and matched to create some truly out there looks or day to day smoke goddess realness.

Product – 5/5


On to the final P…..Price, lets be honest this is pretty important. Is the product and packaging worth the price point? The palette retails for $52.00, which is £41.06, this works out as £3.42 per shadow. For that your getting insane packaging, beautiful shades and your supporting a new business which is always good. Obviously this product is made and sold in the US so shipping is always going to be a factor you have to consider, shipping is listed on there website as $21.00 which is £16.60. But unlike Kylie Cosmetics you don’t get hit with hella custom charges, so they are already doing better than Miss Jenner.

Price – 4/5 (one point deducted for higher shipping)

Total – 14/15


Final Thoughts

I’m living for this palette, the shades are insane, the packaging is so well thought out and finished to such a high standard. This brand is for sure one to watch, they have the most stunning products and well established brands need to watch their backs because StoryBook is coming for you!

Let me know your thoughts below, or if you have tried any of their products? I can’t wait to see what they bring us next.

Until Next Time….

Lady Law Student x

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