Bloggy Brides – “Table Plan Top Tips”

Welcome back my bridal beauties, last week the beautiful Rebecca from Rock and Roses Mama gave us her best tips for avoiding that post wedding financial strain. This week I’m tackling the table plan, ¬†giving you my tips on the best way to avoid that wedding day drama and dispelling those table plan myths.

So get your selves comfy, pop open a bottle of prosecco and lets work out where to sit “Handsy Steve” and “Estranged Aunt Bertha”.

Lets be honest no family is without their arguments and drama, there will always two people who can start an scene sat in a cardboard box in the dark. So when you combine two families on the biggest (and most expensive) day of your life you need to know that the two family drama queens are as far away from each other as physically possible.

My Top Tips and Table Plan Myths

  1. “Table numbers cause arguments” – Real talk, if you think the number table your sat on bears any relation to your ranking in my life you need to go have a word with your self in the mirror! Its a generic numbering system so you can work out what table your sat at!! I know a lot of people for the sake of diplomacy use table names to avoid upsetting those souls who think their table placement is a direct comment on your position in their life. If you have a dramatic Aunt Debbie who will through shade at your for being sat a table 12 instead of table 2 then dispense with those number and name the tables after the contents of your fridge.
  2. “Every needs to mix and sit next to people they don’t know” – I’ll be breaking this rule, a lot of my friends have moved away and I want my wedding to be a fun time for everyone to get together and catch up. I’ll be mixing some friends together who I made at Uni with the Beautiful Worcester gals, but hopefully they will have all met at the Hen Do so will be firm gal pals come the big day.
  3. “Don’t forget the singles table” – OH HELL NO! None, I repeat None, wants to go a wedding and be reminded that they are single by being dumped on a table of single people. They are my friends and family not aliens that couples should be scared of! I’ll be mixing everyone on tables because weddings are about people having fun.
  4. The dreaded top table – Apparently on your big day you have to be displayed on a top table while all of your loved ones stare at you as you try not to spill food on your dress you spent year eating rabbit food to fit into. If you don’t want then don’t have a top table, its your wedding sit wherever and with whoever you want to.
  5. You have to have a table plan – Do you? I mean if you don’t want then just tell everyone to sit wherever they want to. It’s your day and if thats the vibe you want then you rock it!

So there you have my thoughts and tips for braving the table plan. Let me know what your hints and tips for tacking the terrible table plan. Don’t forget to check out the other Bloggy Brides, and keep your eyes peeled for Mrs Mummy Harris’s post next week.

Until Next Time….

Lady Law Student x


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