University – My final thoughts

Welcome back beauties todays the day I get really honest about my University experience.  Last week I sat my final exam as an undergraduate at Leicester, and walked out of the exam hall a free woman. I have no revision to do, no research for essays, no essays to reference and no desire to stick sticky tabs in every book that I touch.

So was it worth? What do I wish I had known? Do I have any regrets? Would I do it again? More importantly what do you all wish you had known?

Was it worth it?

First off there is no denying that doing a degree means signing your self up for a serious chunk of debt! But that shouldn’t put you off, it wont effect your credit score or stop you buying a house. I coped with it by looking it as a way to progress and earn more money in the future so don’t let it stop you.

What do I wish I had known?

If your organised you don’t have to buy the text books, just make sure you can get your self to the library to get them before anyone else does.

If you don’t talk to people you wont make friends, this took me a while to learn. Luckily a plucky Yorkshire beauty took pity on me and chatted away until I felt comfortable.  It’s tough walking into a lecture hall on your and not knowing a single person but just take a deep breath and start talking to someone.

If you don’t do the work now you’ll just have more to do later, so make sure you make time for work as well as going out.

If you don’t ask for help or speak to someone no one will know that your struggling, there are so many people who are there to help at Uni. So if its all getting too much then talk to someone and they will help.

Do I have any regrets?

I wish I had talked to people instead of being quiet, but I still made some wonderful friends. I was lucky to make a small group of amazing gal pals that have had my back through late night essay panics and revision meltdowns. Special mentions to my legal ladies Cait and Lauren, couldn’t have done it without you ladies.

Sometimes people ask me if I wish I had gone to uni at 18 instead of waiting and going later on. Well yes I would be further on in my career and probably would have bought a house and be able to afford better holidays etc. However, I honestly don’t think I was mature enough at 18 to handle Uni. I think that much freedom would have led me to waste three years and probably not have got the best grade at the end of it. So I don’t regret delaying my degree for a few years.

Would I do it again?

Hell yea I would!!! I felt so proud finishing that exam, I worked my arse off for three years and I am so happy that I did it. But if Uni isn’t for you then thats totally fine, everyone has their own route that they want to take. There are numerous ways into various professions and not everyone wants to take the Uni route. I’m glad that I did and it was worth the late nights and numerous jobs I had to work to pay my way through.

Your thoughts..

@tomilinson_cait said that she wished she had “valued my time more. I didn’t appreciate what the city or campus had to offer which I really regretted by the end of 3rd year” – “I regret not being more organised… I left way too many things to the last minute and missed too many classes ad made it so hard for my self”

d3viki_sky – “Regret not buying first year books second hand, not keeping on top of tutorial readings, not joining societies in first year”

Marie_muir22 had some incredible advice “make the most of the whole experience, not just the course. The stuff that’s really made a difference to my life (and career) is the confidence I gained from moving away, the people I met who changed my perspective and the extra curricular stuff I did – job/volunteering and societies”

Amymoran21 had some wise words about self care “Keep a part of your day free for yourself if possible and PROTECT IT – time for a shower and nice dinner and keeps you sane”. If you do need support during your Uni journey Claire_bear_latham had some wise words to share “I would advise all new students to check out the well-being and disability services at their uni, there is incredible support there but you need to go and look for it”

Finally some great advice from

@laura_lna “Don’t be afraid to change your mind if its not for you. There’s plenty of alternatives to uni and you shouldn’t feel ashamed about leaving”

And readers she is 100% right if it isn’t for you then that is okay, don’t feel forced to go down that route just because everyone else as saddadmusic said “I regret going to uni, its not for everyone and I wish it wasn’t so ingrained in our society”


So whats next for Lady Law Student?

Well I’m hunting down the right LPC and LLM so I can keep working towards that dream of being a solicitor. So expect a few more posts about my journey through the funding application process and which course I pick.

Let me know what your thoughts on finishing Uni were and what you have planned next. Finally here’s some wise words and a lovely thought from charlg33 who advises ” to spend more wisely, to surround myself only with positive people, to love more to love less”.

Thank you to everyone who gave such wonderful advice, regrets and suggestions over twitter and instagram, I wish I could have used all your comments. You can read the rest of them here .

Until next time…

Lady Law Student xx

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