Kylie Cosmetics – KKW x Kylie Crème Lipkit

Welcome back Beauties I am in high spirits as this messy haired gal has finally finished her degree (about time I hear you cry). Don’t worry a post will be coming soon about my time at Uni, what I thought of my course and whether it was worth the huge amounts of debt. Today’s post is a bit less heavy and is my honest opinion of the latest Kylie Cosmetics collaboration the KKW x Kylie Lip Cremes.

So get comfy, get your self a glass of something cool and lets wander through what I thought of the three P’s (packaging, product and price).


IMG_5153The first of three “P’s” is packaging, I’ll hold my hands up I am sucker for something that’s packaged well. The Kollection arrived in the usual Kylie cosmetics box with this pink presentation box inside and with a note from Kim. The box is a matte finish with the lip ingredients detailed on the back and the names listed. I think its packaged really well, and feels very thought out.

So lets talk about the lip crème’s, they have the usual Kylie lip kit drip style packaging in this beautiful pink. The tubes are slightly frosted which means you cant clearly see what colour the shades will be, but you can get a pretty good estimate. All in all I think they are packaged really well and its a thumbs up from me.

Score – 5/5



As this is collaboration with the queen of nudes Kim K, all of the shades are nudes. They range from a pinks to peachy tones all aimed at helping you create that subtle glam look. Unlike the Kylie Kits these are a crème product which means they never full dry down, meaning there’s no worry about getting lips that are drier than the surface of Mars. That being said I have found the staying power to be pretty good, I’ve tested a new shade each day at work and have only had to re-apply once.

IMG_5353_216As you can see from the swatches, the shades are named after the queen of selfies and we have: Kiki, Kim, Kimmie and Kimberly.

Cosmo tried them on a variety of skin tones and the shade ranges seems to have a nude for everyone. I can only speak for myself my skin tone is very fair, and burns easily, and I found them to be really versatile. For day to day I really like them and the fact they don’t dry my lips out is a massive win.

Score – 5/5



Finally we are down to the nitty gritty, the price point. The kit retails for $45 which works out to be £35.06, shipping was $14.95 which works out at £11.65. So total price is £46.71 (£11.60 per lip crème). Except lets be honest it isn’t is it, because on top of that we have to add on the custom charges as well which were an added £17!!

Honestly as much as I think the product is great I’m not sure it justifies £28.65 extra in shipping and custom charges. It means you end up paying around £63 for a kit that is nice but could probably be matched with drug store products.

Alongside this the shipping times for me were too long, I ordered on the 28th of April and had to wait for nearly a month before the package reached me. On top of this the shipping notifications weren’t particularly accurate and marked my parcel as delivered 4 days before I actually received my KKW crèmes.

Score – 1/5

I think honestly this will be the last product from Kylie Cosmetics that I purchase, I love the products but I think there are drug store dupes out there that are priced much better and don’t come with extortionate shipping and customs charges. NYX have an amazing range of shades and products and I’m sure dupes could be easily found. Realistically your paying a premium for the Kardashian Jenner branding as well as the product.

Let me know your thoughts and whether you have had any hits or misses with Kylie Cosmetics or if you have found any dupes. Hope your all enjoying the bank holiday sun.

Until next time…


Lady Law Student x


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