Bloggy Brides – “The Guest List Conundrum”

Welcome back Beauties, last week it was all about beating the Wedding Blues over on Rock and Roses Mamas page. This week I’m tackling the dreaded guest list *cue dramatic music and thunder etc*, so get cosy and grab a cuppa and lets do this!!

I don’t know about you, but after setting a date, buying a dress and sorting out my centre pieces  I knew I had to decide who I want there on the day to enjoy our special day with us. So me and the boy sat down and started to draw up a guest list for our smallish festival wedding….turns out that list wasn’t so small!! So here are my (slightly ruthless) top tips for keeping that guest list under control.

  1. Immediate Family – Lets be honest you don’t really have a choice you have to invite them, even if you cant stand Aunt Bertha and her irritating partner (who is a cat in a tuxedo), you still have to invite them (and pray they say no!). Top tip if you don’t want to have Cousin Jacob and his 7 feral children, then just state no kids, BUT be prepared for some grumbles but if you don’t want them there then stick to your guns.
  2. Extended Family – if you cant work out how they are related to you, and you haven’t seen them in the last 2 years then scrap that invite. Similarly if you can’t remember if they are dead or not then you can probably cut them out of the list.
  3. Close friends – The people you actually want there, invite away. BUT remember if you haven’t met there S.O, they’ve only just started seeing Blah from yoga, then you probably don’t have to invite them!
  4. Work Friends – Need to keep numbers down for the wedding breakfast? Then just invite them to the evening do. Have they met your partner? Do you actually like them? If Sharon from HR makes you want to staple your ears closed every time she opens her mouth then DONT INVITE HER!!
  5. Plus ones – this is simple, is it serious between X and your friend? Have you met them? Were they nice? Have they met your partner? If so then they should probably be invited…if not don’t invite them!
  6. The ones that invited you to their wedding but you haven’t seen in 3 three years – if you haven’t seen or spoke to them in over a year…its a no from me
  7. Anyone either you or your partner have dated – now I guess this comes down to personal preference, but for me its a NO!!!!! Who invites their ex to their wedding?
  8. Your Mum’s best friend Sheila – Right this a tough one, who is paying for the wedding? If its you then feel free to tell your Mum/Dad/Step Mom/Step Dad/ No, unless Sheila was like an Aunty/Sister/Mum etc and you really want them there . If they are paying….how much are they paying? How much drama would it cause?
  9. If they weren’t there would you miss them – If your really tight on numbers then think really hard “If they weren’t there would it impact your day?” If not then don’t send that invite
  10. Anyone who asks if their invited – This is my pet peeve…STOP ASKING ME IF YOUR INVITED!! Chances are if I haven’t mentioned the date to you, asked you to make your self free or actually said the words “please come to my wedding” then your not coming. Anyone that asks the question…don’t expect an invite in the post.

So there you have my cut throat approach to guest lists, let me know your wedding guest list woes and tips. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Mrs Mummy Harris’s post next week.

Until next time ….

Lady Law Student



3 thoughts on “Bloggy Brides – “The Guest List Conundrum”

  1. Another big no no- don’t say at your engagement party that everyone is invited and then change your mind…. it gets awkward quickly! Me and my partner had this happen and to be honest we wouldn’t have been offended at not being invited, but because they had said this when we went to the engagement party it was very awkward. Once you’ve said something you need to stick to it!

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  2. That’s so good!! I got engaged recently and planning to get married next year and we are literally just inviting less than 50 people hahaha just really close family and a few friends ! X

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