Why I’m ditching disposable fashion and going back to basics

On Tuesday morning I opened my wardrobe and started the daily “what to wear” battle, after trying what felt like 20 different options I plumped for my usual striped tee with some form of jumpsuit or dungarees. It got me thinking, why am I wasting money on disposable fashion when I have style that I tend to stick to?

Looking at my wardrobe and mountains of clothes I realised that while I do have some great key pieces that I will wear time and time again, there were a lot of pieces from trends that had zero staying power. Personally I don’t see my self wearing a lot of the pieces that I have in my closet in 6 months time.  So I made the decision to put my self on a “disposable fashion” ban.

The Rules.

  1. This is not a spending ban, sorry Si.
  2. Any new purchases have to be flexible enough to wear with three outfits
  3. They will have to be wearable across 2 seasons e.g. Spring & Summer
  4. Be of a high enough quality to last two years
  5. Fit me properly, no more buying clothes for when I lose X amount!
  6. Any clothes in my wardrobe that I haven’t worn in the last year are to be sold, given away or binned.
  7. A complete Spending ban on handbags, shoes or accessories (including jewellery)
  8. Any new items must not duplicate any current items I already own, unless the old item is in need of replacing. That means no more striped tops or black skinny jeans!

So next month I’ll update you if I managed to stick to it, what terrible items I’ve thrown away (be prepared to laugh) and how many pennies I earn from selling bits on EBay.

Let me know what fashion trends your glad to see the back of and which pieces have lasted.

Until next time….

Lady Law Student x


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