10 things to do before you graduate – Leicester University edition

Two weeks ago I had my last ever lecture at Uni, I’d love to say that I threw open the doors at the end and the sun was shining and I danced off into the day light. Reality was I closed my laptop, packed up my stuff and went home to tackle the 2 essays and 2 exams that are bearing down on me (wow I’m cheery this week).

So seeing as in 4 months I’ll be donning a cap and gown, walking across a stage and shaking hands with some head/dignitary/chancellor that I have never seen in my entire time at Uni, I thought I would share my “10 things to do before you graduate – Leicester University edition”.

  1. Go to a Varsity match, at Leicester the biggest match seems to be the rugby. I worked the first year, 2nd year got rained off, so by the time 3rd rolled around I knew I had to drag my ass to go see it.
  2. Ride the paternoster. Apparently there are only 2 in the country, its featured in countless cringe sabbatical election videos, so I knew I had to cross it off my list.
  3. Have breakfast at Jones, you will have to queue on Sunday, you’ll probably be so hungover but it’s 100% worth it. The breakfast is the breakfast of champions and will make you feel like a new person (but still with the shame of last nights antics)
  4. Visit the dinosaur skeleton – I have no idea if this is just a rumour, which building its in and how I get there…but apparently there is a dinosaur at the Uni which I am determined to find.
  5. Go to a Leicester Tigers game, I have to admit I crossed this off my list pretty early. I love rugby, I’m still not 100% on the laws of rugby, but I’ll still shout and cheer until I can’t speak anymore.
  6. Visit Bradgate park, if your a country bumpkin like me and the boy, living in a city can sometimes get you down. A quick drive to Bradgate park and your in the beautiful country side with lots of deer.
  7. Go to Gelato Village, it has the best gelato in Leicester and you need to get your self some.
  8. Visit the Cookie and venture up stairs to the Attic cocktail bar, it has the best avocado margarita that you will ever try, totally hipster and completely ridiculous but still the best cocktail to contain avocado. If your not an avocado fiend like me then why not head to Manhattan 34 and sample the delights of the lemon curd martini (so good)
  9. Eat a curry, your living in Leicester its wrong if you don’t! My favourite is Jamals on Narborough Road.
  10. Enjoy your three years, make some friends and celebrate the fact that you survived University.

So there you have the ten things I want to do before I graduate, let me know what was on your graduation bucket list or if there is anything you think I should add. I hope your all having a beautiful Saturday.

Until next time….

Lady Law Student x


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