Bloggy Brides – “Brides on a Budget”

Welcome back everyone its #BloggyBrides time, last Rock and Rose’s Mama talked us through her “IWA” (Imminent Wedding Anxiety). This week I’m chatting you through how to achieve your big day on a budget. Grab your self a cuppa, get cosy and lets save some pennies together.


The average cost of wedding is around £24,000, its a lot of money right? Now I don’t know about you, but I really don’t have that kind of cash lying around. So for my big day I’m trying to be a bit thrifty, the boy and I have set a pretty strict budget and we are trying hard to stick it. We’ve found a number of ways to keep cost down, and being the lovely gal that I am, I’m going to share them with you.


As you might have guessed my cake stand is a tree stump, which cost me £20.oo from a local tree surgeon friend. At the house in Wales, close to where we got engaged, there is an ash tree in the centre of the garden. So when it turned out that my friendly local tree beard had a large slice of Ash I just had to snap it up. It just needs some sanding and varnishing and its ready to go.

Cost – £20.00


This may come as a shocking fact about me but I’m sort of a fan of gin! Surprising I know! In light of this, pretty early on the boy and I decided that our table centrepieces should gin and whisky bottles with flowers in them. Now you can get these for free, all you have to do is befriend a few pubs and gin drinkers and just ask them for their empty bottles. My lovely tree surgeon friend happens to have a wife who loves gin and is friendly with a local pub so I get a delivery of craft gin bottles once every few months.

Cost – Free 


Lets be honest the second any shop gets a whiff of a wedding they double if not triple the price. So when high-street shops started making brides maid dresses I was over the moon. I have had my eyes firmly locked on the ASOS wedding section for a few months now, there are so many beautiful dresses to be had and all in a variety of shades, shapes, styles and sizes. Even better they accommodate a range of budgets as well. Extra tip find your self a student friend and use their 10% student discount!

Cost (of the dresses I found) – £55.00

Total cost (3 bridesmaids + student discount) – £148.50


Now technically I have already bought my dress, as I’m sure your aware from a previous bloggy brides post. However due to the requirements for a valid marriage (registered venue) and the fact we are getting married outside (crazy I know), we are having a second wedding in a registry office. So that requires another outfit right? In the sale I picked up a prom dress style midi skirt and matching top for £50.00 from ASOS. Their bridal section is amazing and so well priced, it has everything from floaty dresses to fishtail dreams.

Cost – £50.00 



Some girls dream about designer shoes on their wedding day, some know the designer, the style, the colour and height. I love shoes but my dream was the dress, the style I’ve picked means that no-one will probably see my shoes. Its a long day, and without sounding old I wanted to be comfy. Shockingly on ASOS (seriously you would think I’m sponsored by them!) I found the perfect shoes for £22.00. Now being the diva I am, I’m wearing two pairs of shoes, my second pair are triple the price *insert shocked face*. For the rest of the day I’ll be rocking some customised converse for the earth shattering price of £60.00 + £2.00 for the ribbon laces.

Cost – £88.00 (for 2 pairs of shoes)

So there you have it for total price of £306.50 I’ve sorted my:

  • cake stand
  • table decorations
  • dress
  • shoes
  • and three beautiful brides maids

All for the same price as a wedding cake (seriously why do the cost so much?). So there you have it some thrifty ideas to help you manage that monster wedding budget. Don’t forget to check out the other Bloggy Brides; Clara from Utterly Feral, Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris and Rebecca from Rock and Roses Mamma. Let me know what your budget bridal tips and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the next bloggy brides post.

Until next time ….

Lady Law Student x





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