Bramble’s Birthday – “The realities of owning a dog”

This week I’m moving away from my usual lifestyle, beauty and student posts to talk about  something more four legged and furry. I’m sure if you have seen my Instagram you might be aware that I own a mischievous little cocker spaniel called Bramble. On Monday my little fur ball turned 1 year old, and it marks 10 months since she joined our house.

Last year Grace Victory took to our screens to discuss the “Dark Side of the Puppy Trade” , there has been a huge rise in the popularities certain breeds of dogs. Due to this there reputable breeders are struggling to meet the demand for these dog breeds, and the door has opened for puppy farms, imports of poorly treated dogs to meet demands. On top of this shelters are receiving dogs due to breed defects owners can’t afford to pay to fix or dogs that owners feel that they are unable to care for.

In light of this I wanted to be responsible and document the realities of owning a dog instead of just showing cute snaps of my puppy.

Meet Bramble


Fun Facts

Bramble is a working cocker spaniel

She will do anything for a duck treat

Can find a tennis ball on any walk

Gets her face stuck in her mouth

Likes to sit on anyones shoulder like a parrot



Can you fit a dog into your life?

Before you even consider the size, sex or breed of you future puppy, you need to think long and hard about whether you life is right for a dog. Do you spend all day at work, do you like sleeping in and last minute holidays? If so a dog is probably not going to be the right fit.

Bramble may be small a cute but she also needs an hours walk in the morning and again in the evening. If I have a long day at uni/work I have to take her with me, if you are going away some where that wont allow dogs then you have to find a kennel or friend who you trust to look after them.

Can you afford it?

Dogs are not cheap! I am not just talking about buying a puppy, which can now run into the thousands for certain breeds, rescuing a dog also comes with fee’s. On top of this you need to budget for:

  • insurance
  • food
  • vets bills
  • toys
  • beds
  • kennel fees
  • treats
  • training classes
  • collars
  • leads

Don’t just consider the upfront cost of buying a dog, can you afford to look after it and feed it? Think long and hard about this, it is something you are undertaking for the lifetime for the dog.

Choosing the right breed

Sure that springer spaniel is cute but are you prepared to keep up with their exercise requirements, French Bulldogs are adorable but make sure you understand the health complications that their breed can suffer from. You need understand not just the exercise requirements but also their trainability and their health needs. Research the breed, talk to other owners, research breeder, meet lots of breeders and don’t just buy a dog because the picture looks cute on line.


The Ups of owning a dog

Your dog will love you whether you are dressed up and feeling like a bad ass bitch or your in pjs with a cold and feeling like crap. Cuddling up with your dog is the best feeling ever and they are the best nap time buddies.

They will make you laugh so hard and the welcome home they will give is you the best feeling.


The downs

Its Saturday, its 06:30 am, its raining and you feel like crap….guess what….your dog still needs to be let out and fed, they will need to be walked. They don’t care its raining and that you feel ill. Training can be hard work, enjoyable, but sometimes you’ve paid £70.00 for classes and they just want lie on their back and not move. They might have an accident on your new carpet, you didn’t let them out in time, and its not their fault.

Its Friday you everyone is going out for impromptu drinks after work….guess what….you still have to go home, walk the dog, feed them and let them out. What I’m trying to say is that you will need to plan and remember that they rely on you for everything!!



I am not trying to put anyone off from getting a dog, I am just trying to ensure that the realities of owning that cute pet comes across. We are so glad that we decided to get Bramble, she has been an amazing addition to our family and we love her stupid amounts.

Until next time….

Lady Law Student x


Disclaimer: I am aware that there will be situations where a dog entering a shelter is not the fault of the owner, life can throw up unexpected events that may mean that person cannot meet the needs of that dog through no fault of their own. I would certainly much rather see a dog enter a shelter than be abandoned on the streets.

One thought on “Bramble’s Birthday – “The realities of owning a dog”

  1. Great advice! Bramble looks like a gorgeous dog! I’m so pleased that I grew up with a cocker spaniel, there is no way I would have been prepared for the responsibility and commitment without that- but it’s so worth it when you come down to wiggling bottom and loving eyes of a cuddly pup in the morning!

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