Kylie Cosmetic Dupes – Prada style on a Primark Budget

Lets be honest Kylie Jenner is pretty much everywhere these days, whether its popping up pop ups in New York or setting the internet on fire with matte lip kits and seasonal goodies. While I’m a fan of her shades and style theres one thing I’m not a massive fan of….The Price. On a student budget her kits aren’t exactly pocket friendly, and on top of that there is a customs charge that needs to be paid before the friendly Postman Pat will even hand me my package.

Reccently I saved my pennies and purchased the Kyshadow burgundy palette for $42.00, while it love it I don’t love the price and I don’t love the customs charge which was around £16.00 (the same cost of the dupe palette I’ve found).


But have no fear ladies and gents I’ve found you a purse friendly dupe so you can still eat while rocking your inner Kylie Jenner.

Meet the NYX Ultimate “Warm Neutrals Palette “

So the first 6 shades on the NYX palette don’t massively match up with the first 5 shades on the Kyshadow palette, but they do provide great bases and a neutral shades for your first colour.

However if you look at the remainder of the NYX palette you can see there are some pretty good dupes. You do have to work a little harder to build the colour, but there are some pretty close matches for the shades and you get 6 more shades for half the price.

Now currently the palette is sold on out line but you can still pick it up in Boots at NYX counters and you can sign up to be notified when it comes back on to feel unique. However its such a good dupe I highly recommend taking the trip to a Boots store to find one.

So there you have my budget dupe, so you can still rock the kyshadow shades and eat food for a week, which is always something I’m on board for.

For my next “Prada style on a Primark budget post” I’ll be finding you Kyle Lip kit dupes, so keep your eyes peeled. Hope your all having a magical day, feel free to check out my Insta for some day to day snaps and Twitter for alot of thoughts about food.

Until next time ….


Lady Law Student x


One thought on “Kylie Cosmetic Dupes – Prada style on a Primark Budget

  1. I love NYX Cosmetics and can’t recommend their products enough – definitely a great go-to product for dupes! Kylie Cosmetics are good but definitely not good enough for the price you pay – I kind of feel like you’re mostly paying for her name and branding etc which kinda sucks (although with that being said I am obsessed with the lip kits lol)
    Elen x

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