Valentines day – On a student budget

Its February, the six nations has begun (go Wales), Easter is on its way and the dreaded Valentines day is rearing its ugly little head. I have a real love hate relationship with Valentines day, part of me loves giving Si horrendously inappropriate cards but the other part of me dreads the forced “romance”. Apparently it’s all about showering your loved one in tacky teddies, overpriced roses and slutty red underwear, I don’t know about you but its makes me cold not “hot”.

Not only is it tacky its also normally ridiculously over priced, and way out of my student price tag. I much prefer making something that both of us get to enjoy and that I can afford on a student budget. Over the years I’ve “crafted” a number of gifts, some great and some terrible (the packet cupcakes out of a box, dry AF). So grab your crafty supplies I’ve got you all covered no matter what your budget is.


For long distance loves

I’ve done the long distance thing and it sucks! Sorry I can’t sugar coat it. I hated it from start to finish, its tough being far away from your best friend and partner. Sometimes you come home and you’ve had a terrible day and you just need a hug.

So for this crafty present pick up your pen grab some paper and write them a letter, one for every mood : for when their happy, sad, lonely, missing you and need some words of encouragement. Wrap them in a ribbon and when they are far away and in need of some love there is a little piece of you right there in letter form.


For when you’ve only been dating for a couple of months

When you’ve not been together for that long its hard to know what to get them, you don’t want to go over the top and you don’t want to undershoot it and get them nothing. Do you what doesn’t have a hidden agenda Gingerbread men. I love love gingerbread men, and if you want to add a romantic twist you can always use a heart cookie cutter.

I’ve linked by favourite recipe above, if you want a cheeky twist then dip them in dark chocolate or even dark chilli chocolate. Plus you get to eat them together watching Netflix.


For long term loves

This crafty project its one of my favourites, grab your self a mason jar, some slips of paper, a ribbon and some goodies from Tiger. I call this bad boy my”Year of Dates Jar”. Its great for when life has been a whirlwind and you find that your passing like ships in the night. we all know that when you have kids or a career or a busy degree that your partner can end up getting pushed to the side.

  1. Cut up 12 strips of paper and number them. Write out 9 different activity on each one, it can be a simple as going to the cinema, watching their favourite, cook dinner together or play a board game together.
  2. Buy some simple small treats: a bottle of wine, some chocolates, and some playing cards.
  3. Write out 3 activities that involve the the above treats. Once you’ve written out all the strips place them in the jar.
  4. Wrap the treats and number them to match the treat slips.
  5. Tie a big ribbon around the jar and your done!

Now once a month take a slip out of the jar and complete the activity or the treat together, and ta da there you have it a whole year of dates in a jar.


So there you have my crafty student purse friendly Valentines day treats, or you can do what I’ll be doing..popping on Netflix, cooking some steaks and cuddling up with Si to watch some terrible box sets.

Don’t forget to check my last post all about Clothes sizing, and next week keep your eyes peeled for my next #BloggyBrides post.

Until Next Time…

Lady Law Student x

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