Clothes sizes…why aren’t they Universal?

Hold on to your hats this is going to be a little bit of a ranty post, recently I ordered some black ripped jeans from the brand Liquor and Poker on ASOS, I ordered my usual size 10. We all know the dangers of ordering online, it might not look like the picture, it might be a different colour, shape or the fit might not be true to size. I am aware of the all above, however when I order a size 10 I generally expect it to be fairly true size, granted some brands come up smaller than others. However I normally expect clothes to vaguely resemble a general sizing system that me and all other women are used to.

The jeans that I ordered were clearly aged ten NOT size 10!!!

I’m fairly comfortable with my body, I don’t have a six pack you can grate cheese with, I don’t have defined arms and I’m slightly pale and squidgy in places. However I am not 6ft 10 with thighs that could rival George North(not that there is anything wrong with that). However when I tried the jeans on and the only conclusion I could reach was that I had temporarily body swapped with one of the Leicester Tigers and eaten one of the mushrooms from wonderland.

Guys clothing for jeans and trousers is done in numbers, which are inches, which means that you buy clothes for the size that you are. Doesn’t seem like too hard of a concept?

Why cant women’s clothing brands do the same?

Is it that hard to agree a universal sizing and stick to it? The worst part is that it’s not even universal across stores. I own H&M jeans that are a size 14 and H&M leggings that are a small?? Go figure? I know that this is a topic that many bloggers have taken to their keyboards to talk about but I just felt I had to add my 5 cents.

Everyones body is beautiful and I think that you should be able to find jeans if your six foot tall, size 4, size 18, short, curvy or boyish. As there are so many different body shapes and types why don’t designers recognise that? We can print 3D objects, pay wireless through our phones and put people on the moon but we still can’t make clothes that fit women’s bodies!! Come on clothing brands get your shit together!!!!!

Until next time….

Lady Law Student x

p.s don’t even get me started on Bras for gals with big boobs

2 thoughts on “Clothes sizes…why aren’t they Universal?

  1. I have this rant about clothing all the time. I’m not a regular build… 5ft10, curvy 14 hips/bottom, with a 10 waist, a 12/14 chest and big feet. Not ideal but I’d at least expect a size 14 to be the same for trousers no matter where I buy them from. And shoe sizes drive me bonkers – I’m a european 42 but in UK sometimes that’s an 8, or a 9 or a 10. Why is it so bloody difficult?? *big sigh*

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    1. It’s so frustrating isn’t it, especially when they don’t even match within the same stores. I don’t know why they can’t agree on universal sizes? Some stores seem to forget that women have boobs as well! X


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