January Favourites 2017

Hands up who thinks this month has dragged slower than a snail on a speeding ban? January 1st feels like it was months ago and don’t even get me started on how far away Christmas 2016 feels. Either way we have finally made it February, pat your self on the back, make your self a hot drink and lets have a wander through my January favourites.

Primark water bottle


I’m rubbish at drinking enough water, there have been days that I get home and realise I have only drunk coffee and not a single drop of water. News flash this is not good for you! So in an effort to drink more water I’ve started carrying this water bottle around, and it has actually worked. Not only am I drinking way more water, my skin looks much better, I feel healthier and its free (always a bonus for a student). This bottle is not only super cheap at £3.99 its also massive, like stupidly huge.

Smoked Almond Nuts


I am aware that is possibly the most hipster sentence I’ve written in quite awhile, but even Jordan the office judge of snacks has conceded that these are quite tasty. So far I have only been able to find them in Starbucks but I am hunting for a cheaper alternative, the second I find one I’ll spread the bargain knowledge. They are a great alternative for crisps and they taste so good!!


Kate Spade Diary


Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten this is a student  blog, I found this stripy little beauty on sale, it is technically a 17 month diary but it lasts until 2017. I’ve tried keeping an organiser before but this year I am determined, I really don’t want to link by work e-mails to my phone. So to make sure I don’t forget any meetings, deadlines, or coffee dates with friends, I’ve been carrying round this beast to keep myself on track. So far its been working but whether I stay organised remains to be seen.

H&M phone case


If you follow me on Instagram or read my stocking filler gift post, you will have probably seen my super cute bargain sparkly reindeer phone case. I can’t even begin to tell you how sad I was when Christmas was over and it was no longer acceptable for me to walk around dressed like a giant Christmas fairy. So when I saw this sparkly cat eared blue little babe for only £3.99 I knew it was meant to be. Granted it doesn’t protect you phone as well as an Otterbox phone case but it does look cute AF.


So those were my favourite things in January, I hope your month didn’t drag as much as mine did and you have lots of exciting things to look forward to February. As always you can follow me on Instagram, here and Twitter, don’t forget to check out the #bloggybrides series.

Until next time ….

Lady Law Student x


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