This year I graduate…

Writing that title is straight up terrifying, I can’t believe that how fast my time at Uni has passed. When I started three years ago I was pretty sure I knew what I was getting my self into. Fast forward three years of essays, exams, late nights and long lectures and I’m only 6 months away from putting on a cap and gown and walking across that stage.


  1. Text books are expensive – you don’t need the latest editions unless they are statute books that you can take into exams. Save your self some serious pennies by buying second hand.
  2. Starting revising early – I really do mean early, like in February if you can. If you want high marks you have to put the work in. You will get ouy what you put in.
  3. Its a lot easier going to lectures than it is trying to find time to catch up.
  4. There is more to Uni than studying and lectures- find a student group, get to know the city your in, talk to people, and make some friends.
  5. Get a part time job, but remember that is just what it is. Don’t let it take over your life the end goal is graduating.
  6. Essay marking is a mixed bag, honestly I’ve come to the conclusion that some of it comes down to who is marking your essay.
  7. Find your revision technique early, it will help you if you know how you revise.
  8. STOP COMPARING YOUR SELF TO OTHER PEOPLE. – I should have put this first really, yes some people will turn up at 9 am with their shit together, dressed to perfection and having read all the additional reading. Just because it looks like they have it all down doesn’t mean their life is perfect. Stop worrying about them and just do you!
  9. Its okay if you don’t have your life completely mapped out, shit changes, plans don’t always work and thing aren’t always as they seem. That being said try out your planned career, get some work experience and network the hell out of every event.
  10. Breathe, its going to go quick. At times it will seem so hard and there will be no end in site. Take a step back remind yourself why your there, get a coffee, go workout, go do what ever you need to do and then get back to it. You can do it!

So thats what I’ve learn’t, let me know what you learn’t at the end of your time at Uni. As always you can follow me on Instagram, twitter, and right here at this blog. Hope your having a wonderful weekend, don’t forget to check out my other student posts.


Until next time …..

Lady Law Student x

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