Bloggy Bride “Why I broke all the dress shopping rules”

In a twitter chat one cold Sunday ; Clara from Utterly Feral,  Rebecca from Rock&Roses Mama and Lianne from Mrs Mummy Harris decided that having gone off topic on a massive wedding tangent that we should all collaborate together for some wedding posts, and thus Bloggy Bride was born. Last week Rebecca from Rock&RosesMama gave us all some serious crafty wedding inspo, you can check out here post here. For my first Bloggy Bride post its all about wedding dress shopping and why I broke all the rules.


  • Don’t buy the first dress you try one
  • Don’t buy your dress until around 8 months before your wedding
  • Try a number of shops
  • Your mum/aunty/maid of honour/ best friend should burst into tears the second you walk out while you sob and whimper “this is the one”

Well guess what? I walked into the first shop, tried on my first dress and, you guessed it, bought it, and all a good 2 years before my wedding date. How could I be so bold? Am I mad? Have Bridal Magazines everywhere put me on their hit list?

Nope girls when you know, you know. The shop owner guided me towards the dresses that fitted the wedding I’m having and helped me pick out 6 dresses to try. The first one she picked up my Mum made a face at, as if to say “really?? I think not”, safe to say she wasn’t a fan.

It was nothing like the dress that I had thought I would pick, I was convinced I’d be in a lace covered, spaghetti strapped dress with pockets and simple details. I knew the designer I wanted, the colour and the style. This dress was non of the the above.

Funny thing was, that dress was the one, I put it on came out and Mum put down her crossword and from the way I felt to the look on her face I just knew it was the one.  I felt like I looked like the very best version of me. That’s not to say I didn’t try on a whole bunch of other dresses afterwards, including the biggest princess flower covered dress, but I still bought the first one I tried on.

So what did I learn dress shopping?

  • If the dress feels like the one then go for it, who cares if it wasn’t what you pictured, or it isn’t the designer you initially picked out.
  • Its ok to change you mind and go for the giant princess dress if that’s what you want
  • Yes you can try it on a million times
  • You don’t have to cry, you can just stand there grinning like an idiot
  • Try a dress even if you wont pick it in a million years, its fun to be a bride.
  • Dresses look completely different on
  • If you want to rock a wedding suit, crop top, or tea length dress then do it
  • Talk underwear because chances are you will need special bras etc.
  • Wear comfy pants that you don’t mind being seen in.
  • Enjoy yourself

So there are my dress shopping tips, I hope you have as much fun dress shopping as I did. Good luck and don’t forget to twirl around like a Disney princess. Don’t forget to check out all the other lovely #bloggybrides posts. Until Next time ….


Lady Law Student x



15 thoughts on “Bloggy Bride “Why I broke all the dress shopping rules”

      1. I wanted a Maggie Sottero…. So started with that… Them tried any on that I liked an element of…the one I went for (fishtail) was nothing like what I had in my mind. I just liked the lace at the bottom so thought it give it a go! Loved it! Wish I could wear it again ❤️👰🏼

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  1. I love this!!!! I think everyone is different when it comes to dresses… be got two because I couldn’t decide!! One for the day and one for the reception (less bridal.., more sequin) Vant wait to see pictures I’m sure it’s fabulous ❤

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