Why I’m making a change in 2017

Happy New Year, I know I’m rather late to the party (beyond fashionable late) but I have been working my way through a mountain of essays and battling a flu virus. Now I am finally caught up and starting to feel better so I can finally get back to blogging, so without any more delay here is my first post of 2017.

My first post of the year is all about my new years resolution, this year I have only made one. Every year I make a mountain of them and I don’t end up keeping them. So this year I am focusing my energy on one thing alone.

I want to change the relationship I have with my phone


By now you will have probably seen the video in which Simon Sinek discuses Millennial’s in the work place. If you haven’t I highly recommend watching it, I watched at the beginning of the year and I realised two things:

  1. I’m addicted to my phone, and;
  2. Facebook is impacting my view of the world and potentially my happiness.

I watched the video and I realised I have watched too many films from behind a phone screen, I’ve ignored colleagues before meetings to flick through twitter, I’ve spent too many nights ignoring my partner and not fully engaging in conversations with my family and friends.

Its wrong that a small block of circuits and glass is dictating my life too me, impacting my happiness and sleep. I love to read but last year I barely read, every time I could have picked up a book I reached for my phone. I love to bake, every time I could have been baking I was flicking through a social media app. I love my partner and every time I could have been making memories I was looking at other peoples Instagram feeds.

So I’ve made a change, I’ve disabled my Facebook account, deleted the app from my iPad and iPhone and removed my phone from the bedroom at night. Its early days but I’m already starting to feel better. I went for drinks last night with some lovely people and I made the conscious effort to not look at my phone and it was so much more fun. I didn’t care if anyone else was having a better night, I didn’t care which Kardashian was uploading selfie, all I cared about was the conversations I was having with the people in the same room as me.

I’m aware that not everyones relationship with their phone will be the same, but I think we are all guilty of spending a little bit too much time on them. So this year why not put the phone down and spend your time with the people in front of you. Don’t flick through Buzzfeed because you can’t sleep, put your phone in another room, turn off the light and close your eyes. And I know what the excuse will be….

“My phone is also my alarm “

Buy an alarm clock.

Lady Law Student xx


13 thoughts on “Why I’m making a change in 2017

  1. Love this! I agree with you, I feel I spend way too much time on my phone when I could be doing better more sociable things! I think I will take your view on this and think about changing it for myself too xx

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  2. I’ve not seen the video, but it was only last week I started noticing how much time the the other half and I actually spend on our phones. I made a decision to remove phones after a certain time at night, because we weren’t even properly watching our box sets anymore because of it!
    I agree we all use our phones a ridiculous amount, and I actually deleted my Facebook a few months ago because I was spending hows on it for now reason.

    Alys George

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