Baths, Beaches and Booze

First of all I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and an equally lovely boxing day. Apologies for not posting much over the festive period we are in the depths of Pembrokeshire and my internet is limited and my signal non existent. So here is a somewhat late (oops) weekly catch up.

BeFunky Collage_39.jpg

As you can see we can have been rather busy, so here is a whirlwind catch up. From left to right (here goes):

  1. Soaked in the tub, I don’t have a bath at home so before we left Leicester I bought eight bath bombs as a Christmas present to my self. This one is the amazing Shooting Stars from Lush.
  2. Made a sausage roll wreath (yes you read that right). You can find the recipe here.
  3. Made a gin and tonic cheesecake, post coming on how to make that later on 🙂
  4. Splashed in the sea on Whitesands beach.
  5. Ate and enjoyed some Brussels sprouts, I think the bacon helped.
  6. Walked our favourite dog walk in Wales
  7. Climbed some rocks on the beach with the hubby to be.
  8. Made my Brother wear a Christmas jumper.
  9. Hosted Christmas in Wales (cute family shot of Bramble, Si and I)
  10. Took Bramble to play in some rock pools
  11. Decorated our tree
  12. Soaked in the tub again (hosting is hard work) this was the So White Bath Bomb from Lush
  13. Enjoyed far too much food
  14. Took Bramble to the old Air field where she met her first cow (she jumped)
  15. Went for a beach walk to recuperate
  16. Watched the sunset
  17. Went for a Boxing Day walk with the hubby to be on Newgale Beach

So that was my festive week, I hope you all had a wonderful break and managed to eat lots of food and spend some time with the people you love. Got to give a little shout out to all of those who worked over the Christmas period your all superstars. Sending Welsh Cwtches to you all.

Lady Law Student xx

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