Christmas Decorations on a Shoe String

Want a pinterest worthy home or student room but on a budget? Well look no further, from Homemade wreaths to Christmas bunting I’ve got you covered. So without further a due lets get our festive on.


First of get your self to Wilko! They have the most incredible range of small decorations and all for no more than £2.00!!


These cute little reindeer add a little touch of Christmas to your room, you can place them on your desk, use them as a centre piece or dot them around.

Christmas Card Bunting

What do you do with all
those Christmas cards from Family and Friends, well get some
ribbon from any fabric store or from Tiger, pick up some
drawing pins (which you get any where) and some Santa pegs which were only £2.00 from Tiger and turn those cards into some festive bunting.

Pom Pom Bunting

Wilko has the cutest pom pom bunting for £4.00, pick some of their decorations which are a max of £2.00 loop them onto the bunting at regular spaces and hang that bunting. Also perfect for  a Vlog background.

Handmade Wreath

  1. Cut out a doughnut shape out of cardboard, cover it in plastic a bin bag will do.
  2. Finally take a walk to the park and pick up some pine cones, some berries, holly and some evergreen. This can be done at no cost or you can take your self to garden centre and pick your supplies up from there.
  3. Get some wire this could be from your local DIY store.
  4. With your left hand (if your right handed) get some of the evergreen place it on the doughnut cut out with the foliage along the cardboard and wrap the wire around the stems.
  5. Get your next piece off foliage and place the greenery over the wire and wrap the wire around the stem.
  6. Continue the above steps until you have covered the entire ring. Next get your holly and repeat the same steps.
  7. You can stop here, but if you want to add more you can add some pine cones. To attach them wrap the wire in between the spines at the base half way. Pull the wire down in the middle and twist so that it leaves a tail. This can then be added to the wreath.
  8. You can add berries and dried oranges for a more festive feel.

So there you have my budget Christmas decorating tips, let me know if you try any of them or please share your own below. Sending festive reindeer cuddles.


Lady Law Student x

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