My Top 10 Christmas Movies

There are so many things that are amazing about the festive seasons, the food, Christmas jumpers and spending time with family friends. But my favourite thing about the holidays is getting to watch all of my favourite Christmas films and seeing as this is the season of giving I thought I would share my favourites with you.

The festive ones

Elf – lets be honest it wouldn’t be Christmas without Buddy the Elf taking us through the major food groups and screaming SANTA I KNOW HIM. I feel like this film needs no introduction and has firmly placed its self as Christmas classic.

Arthur Christmas – This one is a pretty new addition for me (as in this new year) but its already a firm favourite. Ever wondered how Santa delivers all the presents? Then this is the film for you.

The Santa Clause – An oldie but a goodie, as a law student for me this has it all, contract clauses, breaches and elves. I love this film as I remember watching this as child and loving it from start to finish.

The soppy ones


The Holiday – This film makes me warm and squishy inside but its not too soppy that your partner won’t sit down and watch it with you. Kate Winslet makes this entire film for me as she is just the nicest woman from start to finish. Best to be watched under a fluffy blanket with a massive hot chocolate.

Love Actually – I actually love this film. Everything about it just warms my heart, although now with a sad edge since the passing of Alan Rickman. Each story interweaves in a beautiful way, with a mixture of comedy, romance and heart break it really has it all.

The ones that aren’t really that festive

Cool Running’s – After much discussion in the office and with Si, we have come to the conclusion that the only reason that Cool Running is a Christmas is due to two factors. 1. there is ice and snow and 2. John Candy is in it. Either your festive movie countdown just isn’t complete without the Jamaican Bob Sleigh team.

Die Hard – I have included this film for one reason only…if I didn’t Si probably wouldn’t marry me. Apparently this is the greatest ever Christmas film??

The Nightmare Before Christmas – My inner Emo would be sulking up a treat if I didn’t include this Tim Burton classic. For all of you who don’t want an over the top festive extravaganza this classic is the one for you.

The ones that can only be watched on Christmas Day

Wallace and Gromit- for some people the highlight of Christmas TV is the Queens speech for others its the alternative speech. For me for highlight of Christmas TV isĀ eating too much food, and settling down to watch Wallace and Gromit. If I haven’t seen a wide mouthed figurine utter the words “Cheese Gromit?” Christmas might well not of happened.

So those are my top 10 Christmas films, this could of easily been a top 20 and I must include honourable mentions for Home Alone and any film with John Candy in it. Let me know what your festive favourites are in the comments below. I hope your all eating lots of mince pies and swilling them down with some mulled wine. Sending cinnamon scented cuddles.

Lady Law Student x

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