My Snaps

This week has moved at a much slower pace, not sure if its because lectures are done for the year, or if its because I’m feeling more relaxed because the events for the year are over. Either way by the time Thursday arrived I was some what lacking motivation, and felt like I had done much. However when I looked back at my snaps I had to share with you I realised it had actually been a busy week.


So from left to right here’s everything I’ve been up to this week.

  1. The super talented Fran took my hair from a beaut blonde to a delicate rose gold hue just in time for Christmas. Thanks girl. Left – after, right – before.
  2. I picked up these amazing props from Co-op for mine and Lauren’s festive get together, they were so much fun and only £1.50. We drank lots of prosecco, ate lots of food and watched Love Actually and the Grinch.
  3. Si and I went on a super muddy winter walk with the puppy.
  4. I finally got to wear my amazing Pom Pom Jumper from Boden, I also picked up the bauble top as I’m feeling mega festive this year.
  5. Bramble turned 9 months old (look at that little face!) She also came to work this week and caused carnage. Safe to say she isn’t an office dog!!!
  6. Si went away so me and Bramble spent an evening cuddling on the sofa
  7. Finally I picked up this beaut faux fur scarf for only £10.00 from Miss Selfridge.

So that has been my rose gold week, check back next week for some magical snaps and coastal scenery. Hope you all wonderful wintery week.

Lady Law Student x


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