Macaroons, Fire wood and Dirty Dancing

In less than 40 days 2016 will be done and dusted and we will creeping into 2017, so before the madness of Christmas, early Christmas market’s load ins and the end of the term here is a recap of my last week in November.




  1. I got my claws done at the lovely Victoria Nails, I’ve stuck to my favourite style which is stiletto however I’ve mixed up the colour and gone for “Mulberry” which is this pretty pink colour.
  2. Found a wish tree on my walk with my friend Laura, apparently if you push a coin into the wood then any illness that you are suffering will leave you.
  3. Went on a beautifully sunny winter walk around the Yorkshire countryside
  4. Broke Christmas rules and broke out my Christmas Pj’s, which are from Primark and have the Grinch on them.
  5. Visited Bolton Abbey on my whistle stop tour of Yorkshire.
  6. Got taken to Betty’s tea room and had the most incredible steak sandwich and Christmas blend tea.
  7. Treated my self to some macaroons from Betty’s, I picked the raspberry, apple and caramel and marzipan. They were little bites of heaven.
  8. Stole a sip from my friends amazing hot chocolate, it was melted chocolate heaven.
  9. Lazed in front of the fire watching the Gilmore girls, drinking gin and catching up with Miss Laura who I hadn’t seen for a whole year.

So that was my week, this weekend I’m celebrating my 7 year anniversary with the boy. We will be taking ourselves out for dinner and cocktails and spending some quality time together after the madness of the Christmas market. Check back next week and you might catch sight of some reindeer.

Sending all my Yorkshire love.

Lady Law Student x


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