Its deadline time….

Semester one is nearly at an end which means that those assessed essays are creeping into your inbox. This year I have a delightful 14,000 words to write over the festive period, so to make sure that I don’t spend the first week in January frantically smashing my keyboard I’ll sticking to some rules to ease the burden. Seeing as I write a student blog I thought I would pass my tips on to you.

  1. Start early – This one is pretty simple don’t leave it to the last minute. If you rush it there is a good chance that it won’t be your best work.
  2. Plan your work – its a lot easier to research and if you know the vague structure of your essay
  3. Read around the question – you will get much better marks if venture out of the text books and read some journal articles on the topic
  4. Practice – if they set practice essays do them, writing essays is like lifting weights the more you exercise the muscles the easier it will be
  5. Proof – proof your work the next day or get someone else to do it for you, when you’ve been working on an essay all day you may not be able to see the mistakes. A fresh pair of eyes after some rest will catch them.
  6. Reference – you don’t want to be dragged in for plagiarising it can be a serious academic offence. If you reference properly you can be worry free.
  7. Argue from both sides, it provides a balanced argument and more marks!
  8. Take Breaks – if you start early you will be able to step back when it gets too much, a rest will serve you so much better.
  9. Back up your points, if you provide an academic opinion that reinforces your point it will have much more weight
  10. Write your introduction and conclusion last it means that you it can provide a map of where your essay is going and sum up the points you’ve argued.

So there you have it, those are my top tips for getting that first! I hope they provide some help to you over the essay festive period. Sending academic hugs to you all, get those essay muscles flexing.

Lady Law Student x

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