My week in pictures

I tried for a little while to post more than once a week but with work, uni and puppy training I just haven’t had the time and I feel like I lost momentum for a bit. So for now i’ll be going back to a weekly post, until all my essays are submitted, and believe me I cant wait for that day.

My week

BeFunky Collage_248.jpg

  1. Found a walled garden in the park I sometimes walk the puppy in (Braunstone park)
  2. Got addicted to Starbucks Matcha green tea lattes with soya milk, otherwise known as Shrek piss in the office.
  3. Bramble turned 8 months old.
  4. I submitted my first essay of third year.
  5. Bramble, Simon and I played in the leaves in the park.
  6. University of Leicester Law School turned 50!
  7. I hung a mirror all by myself and sorted out my dressing table.
  8. Said goodbye Autumn as the end of this week turned really chilly

Thats my whistle stop tour of the week, hope your weeks been productive and happy. I’m off to see “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” this evening, so excited. Sending magic Leicester hugs to you all.


Lady Law Student



6 thoughts on “My week in pictures

  1. I feel your pain on trying to post more than once a week – I don’t know how some bloggers can do it everyday! Lovely photos -your dog is so adorable and I have good chuckle at the shrek’s piss description of macha tea! I’ve wanted to try it for a while but been scared to for some weird reason!

    Amy |


    1. I really struggle and then get really uninspired, thought it was best to just post once a week until I’m more organised. Thanks she’s a cute little madam. Seriously recommend the matcha latte its much tastier than it looks 🙂 x


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