What a week….

We aren’t even fully into the week and its safe to say that it has been one hell of a ride. In future when the question “In which year did …..” just answer 2016. I for one would quite happily hit restart and go back to January and try again.

I think its fairly safe to say that all bets are off and things that we never thought would happen, such as Brexit, have shaken the concept of certainty. On Wednesday morning when I woke up at 6 am and turned on the news I was saddened to find that Trump was storming his way to become president elect.

Question is how did we reach this point? Is the fault to lie with the establishments for allowing their voters to become that disheartened with their system? Have politicians and the political system lost touch with their voters? Does the blame lie with the media for their coverage of the events?

Certainly the media needs to be held accountable for their recent treatment of the judiciary, in some quite frankly outrageous headlines the judiciary were vilified for merely upholding constitutional law. Their personal and private lives were dragged through the public forum in a disgraceful way and at a time when the independence of the judiciary should have been upheld the Minster of Justice remained silent for far too long.

While these questions may not be answered soon, I suppose what remains for us to do now is remind those who are frightened at the reality of life under the new president elect that they are not alone, whether its through social media, a kind word on a train or a smile to stranger spread support and love.

To quote Guy Murcia “we’re all family. You have at least a million relatives as close as tenth cousin, and no one on Earth is further removed than your fiftieth cousin”.


Lady Law Student x


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