The (Un)mature-mature student

When you google/search “mature student” a very stereotypical image comes up of a over 30+s, sometimes middle aged, or “real adult” as I like to call them, pops on to your screen. I’ll be honest I don’t really identify with the common image of a mature student, this may be due to the fact that I still spend entire days in bed or watch Zootopia when I’m hungover and shop at Urban Outfitters. I often feel like I’m the undercover mature student, I walk, talk and eat like a younger student but my hangovers last for two days and I’d rather drink gin and tonic instead of vodka and orange squash.

So whats it like being undercover?

Well most people do a double take when I tell them I’m 27 (i normally hug these people and tell them that they are wonderful, kind and beautiful), but I don’t live in halls or a shared house and I don’t frequent the student nights. The mature students or “real adults” discuss mortgages, car payments, the archers and child care arrangements and I wonder what outfit my dog is going to wear for Christmas (reindeer of course!!).

Thats not to say that I don’t have a wonderful group of friends at Uni or that I sit alone in lecture halls looking lost. In fact I have a small group of people that willing put up with me on a daily basis (particular thanks to the legal ladies).

I’ll be honest it took me a little while to find my spot a uni, I felt sometimes like I was floating between the two groups and that I would never found my niche. Well finally I have, I still go for drinks and hear all the comedic house share stories, but I leave before they hit the clubs, I still appreciate accomplishments of my friends children and their amazing abilities to adult and study, but I go home and eat marshmallows for dinner.

Its safe to say I’ve found my little spot as the (un)mature student, so for all those mature students in the grey area in their mid to late twenties embrace it! Yes our hangovers are mighty and sometimes last all weekend! Yes we prefer gin to VK’s! and Yes sometimes I want to watch a Netflix documentary and go to to bed at 10! But thats Ok! Cheers to all you (un)mature students.

Lady Law Student



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