Autumn Walks

This week I’ve been settling back into the routine of lectures, work and essay writing. Now that its my final year I’m trying to enjoy every single second as I know that when I enter the 9 – 5 working world I wont have the ability to have a lazy dog walk at 10 am before lectures. It has been a little bit of a shock to the system with the amount of work that I have to do but I’m trying to stay organised and keep on top of it all.

This year I’m making sure I do all the things that I haven’t done in previous terms at Uni; doing my work in plenty of time, signing up to the Law ball, Law Fair and spending some quality time with my textbooks in the library. However its important to maintain balance as all work and no play makes Cat a grumpy lady. For the past couple of weeks Simon and I have been enjoying a long Sunday walk together with Miss Bramble.

This Sunday we went to the beautiful Beacon Hill and walked through the woods, which looks incredible with all the leaves turning red, yellow and orange.

Autumn is the best season of them all, its acceptable to wear woolly hats (that hide unbrushed hair), drink hot chocolate, eat roasts and stew, drink hot apple cider  and wear all of your favourite jumpers. I also love Autumnal fashion, might even do a blog post of my favourite clothes for this season so keep your eyes peeled!

Asos Hat, Asos Coat & H&M Jumper

Sundays are fast becoming my favourite day of the week, I get to spend time with my little family, spend the afternoon in Pj’s and watch Sunday movies. I hope your all spending your Sunday doing something that you love, whether your brunching with friends, eating dinner with your family or spending time with your favourite person.

I’m off to knuckle down and do some work, hope you all have a lovely Autumn week.

Lady Law Student


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