Starting my final year


In 2010 I wasn’t happy with where my life was headed. I was in a job that meant I had missed out on countless holidays, birthdays, and weekends with friends. My boyfriend was in his second year at University and heading towards a career with prospects and  opportunities that I just didn’t have access to.

Something had to change.

Unlike most of my friends I hadn’t taken by first go at A Levels seriously, I had moved from a strict all girls school to a sixth form college where there were no uniform requirements, boys and no one forcing you to work. Its safe to say I didn’t work hard, I goofed off and I paid the price.

Then when most of friends had gone off to Uni, worked hard and started their careers… I had been working in bars, going out and not giving a thought to my future. I can tell you know that got old really quickly. It’s not so fun being the only one who isn’t going anywhere.

That September I dusted of my laptop, packed my handbag and went to go sit in a class room where I was the eldest person there by 6 years.

So with my tail between my legs I went back to college, re-sat my A Levels and worked in the evenings to pay the bills. It meant that I had one day off a week to my self which I spent in the library studying, while balancing a long distance relationship. It wasn’t the easiest but I was honestly happy. I was making steps towards a future that could be built into something I could be proud of.

Now I’m going to my final year at University.

I don’t think if I had been told in 2010 I’d go to Uni to study Law that I would believe you. However here I am, its been a long road and I’m only half way there but I’ve loved the process. I am responsible for my own future and it feels good.

Hard work pays off, if you want something in life you have to work for it. If your not happy then change it, if you want a better job then earn it. Life is what you make it. I am going to enjoy every last second of my final year at Uni because I’ve worked hard to get here.

Just remember its never too late.

Lady Law Student



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