Freshers from the other side

I can’t believe how quickly my time at Uni has gone, this week I had my last freshers fair as a student. Two years ago I was a slightly lost looking student trying to find lectures and debating which societies to join, I’m not really sure where the time has gone. When I first started Uni so many people kept saying how quick it goes and they were 100% right! So what was different about this year? Well this year I got to experience Freshers from the other side, I got to see how much hard work and preparation goes into just one week of events.

Fresh Fair Ballons

So what is like from the other side? Well it involves a lot of very very early mornings, late nights, sore feet and far too much coffee. Over the Monday and Tuesday over 7,000 students came through the marquee that I was helping to look after/run and hopefully every single one of them enjoyed their day. Before I worked in events I never realised how much work is done before the event even starts. Most days we were in at 7 am to make sure everyone was loaded into the marquee and everything was set up and ready to go for all the lovely students who were just starting out on their journey at Uni.

Pre Hello Leicester set up

Even though I worked some really really long and exhausting days I absolutely loved the whole week. Watching how much people enjoyed the events that were put on made it all worth while (even the super sore feet). My favourite event was 100% the Hello Leicester fair that was on the final day, we had everything from food vendors to a pop up Pimms bubbles trailer. I’m not sure if it was the fact that it was the final day or that the sun came out but I loved it, while sat on a giant bean bag with a small glass of Pimms in hand it was nice to finally take everything that we had achieved that week. (to see just how much we managed to fit in to one week check out this link)

Pimms Bubbles at Hello Leicester

While it was amazing to see how much freshers and returning students enjoyed the events they were also hard work at times. So I have some thanks to put out into the world, thank you to: Maz for preparing me for the manic week, Georgie for looking after me, feeding me and making sure I wasn’t on my own, Andy for rescuing me whenever something didn’t go to plan and Jordan and Mike for keeping me sane and helping moving a 1000 bottles of water.

Team Fresh – photo credit Georgie

If you ever get the chance to work for the Students Union at your own University I highly recommend it, not only do you get discount on Starbucks (life saver this week) you also get the chance to experience the running of a SU, the opportunity to work with lots of different departments and gain valuable experience (that you won’t get sat down watching Netflix) and you get to meet some amazing people who work insanely hard to make sure students have a safe and happy time at Uni.

So thats all from me this week, I’m going to spend my Sunday spending some much needed time with my man and my puppy. I hope you all had an amazing freshers week, week at work or week at home. Let me know what your favourite memory from freshers was in the comments. Sending huge Leicester cwtches as always.


Lady Law Student


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