A Roman Holiday

There are so many wonderful reasons to visit Rome; the sites, the food, the wine, the ice-cream and the fact that it can all be done on a budget. If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you might be aware that this month I went to Rome (if your not then well done cause I literally posted a million pictures a day).  This trip wasn’t my first to Italy but it was my first to Rome and it certainly wont be my last trip to the Eternal city.


I completely and utterly fell in love with this city, it was an amazing experience from start to finish. So here are my tips for getting the most out of your stay.


1. Walk everywhere

Lots of guides and sites will try and convince you to take open top bus tours or purchase metro cards, you really don’t need them. We packed converse/vans and walked around the entire trip and honestly the furthest walk we had was half an hour.

Not only is everything fairly close together you also find lots of unexpected fountains and Baslica’s that you might not have discovered if you had taken the bus. Not only that some of the best sites in Rome are free and are easily accessed on foot.


2. Book ahead

You will save your self so much time if you book ahead and you can pay things months before hand, which makes budgeting easier. We booked in advance for the Colosseum and the Vatican and it was best decision we made. The line for the Vatican wrapped around the block, which is not ideal if you have to stand there in the heat.


3. Respect the dress code

Some of the sites that you visit/want to visit are religious sites and therefore it is important that you respect the dress codes. On the days that I knew we weren’t visiting churches or the Vatican I wore dungarees/shorts and a t-shirt. However on the days that we were I made sure I covered up and adhered to the dress code, if in doubt carry a scarf that can be wrapped around either your shoulders or your waist.

4. Enjoy the food…

But be careful where you choose to eat, if its near a site such as the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps it will be expensive. The same rules apply to restaurants that are near the main streets, the best advice we were given was to head off the main strips and eat where the locals ate.

The best place we ate was called La Dispensa Dei Mellini, it was on the other side of the river away from the main tourist sites but had the most amazing food. We ate there on the last night and it blew me away.

For cheap food during the day we stopped at pizza places that sold pizza by the slice, again be careful where you are as to the price but most times it was pretty cheap.

5. Go to sites off the beaten track

On our last afternoon we decided to walk down the river from our hotel and enjoy the last sunshine of the day. As we strolling down we came across a Castle that we had walked past a few times during our stay. Having done all the sites we wanted to see we thought we would kill some time and walk around it, this turned out to be one of our favourite sites. The entry fee was only €10 and it was hands down the best money we spent, the view from the top completely took my breath away and there was also a bar that you could enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine from.

Once we came home we found out that the castle had also been used in the filming of Angels and Demons. The site was called Castel Sant’Angelo and was absolutely incredible and totally worth the €10.

I guess my final tip is just enjoy yourself, I had the most incredible time and can’t wait to go again. So this week I’m sending Italian kisses, if you fancy seeing more of my trip you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Blog Lovin. Let me know if you’ve been to Rome and your favourite memory from your trip.



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