End of an Era

This week I hit a huge milestone, after nearly a decade of bar work I hung up the towel and put down the glass tray. It has been such a crazy 9 years of ups and downs, 20 hour St Patricks day shifts and terrible eighties themed nightclubs.

So here are my top moments of bar work;



  1. The first one and greatest one has to be working with my two best friends Jude and Kirsty. Kirsty my beloved work wifey, my maid of honour and my best friend carried me through so many hilariously tragic moments. (The worst being the summer our manager was away, all the chefs quit and the alarms would not stop going off). Jude my favourite manager and the woman who made me go back to college. I salute you both you are the greatest.
  2. Surviving 4 St Patricks shifts in a busy Irish pub,  and then getting far too drunk with Liam and Kirsty and shouting its a trap at 7 am.
  3. Being so hungover one shift that I cried because Kirsty ate an omelette.
  4. Having to chase a welsh rugby team down the road because they had stolen all the furniture
  5. Making some truly amazing friends, I have been so lucky to work with some of the funniest, smartest, craziest people and I have loved every second. I am so thankful that I have the friends I have made at work you are all amazing (except you Riley….you beast!)

While it has been some of the funnest moments of my working life there are. To everyone one I’ve worked with your great and I’m lucky to have met you. I am both happy and sad to see this chapter of my life end, I’ll miss spending my evenings with a this bunch of weirdos but I’m also beyond excited to spend more time with Simon.

Lady Law Student x


p.s Remember be nice to your bar staff…they handle your drinks! 

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