August Favourites

Can you believe a whole month has flown by again, personally I’m so excited for September for so many reasons. First of all its creeping ever closer to Halloween, which is my favourite of all the holidays, I’ve all started watching Practical Magic and the Craft already. Secondly I love Autumn its my favourite season, the leaves start to turn, its acceptable for me to burn lots of scented candles and it means I can bake lots of gingerbread.

On the theme of Gingerbread lets crack on with my August favourites.



Ginger Bread Green Tea  

I kid you not this tea actually tastes like gingerbread I swear to you I am not lying, some flavoured green teas don’t taste as good as they sound but this one really does. Secondly the smell is smells exactly like gingerbread coming out of the oven. I love this tea so much I started recommending it to a stranger in a supermarket, I’ve even started handing them out at work because honestly the world needs to know how good this is!! Also massive thank you to Ema from the White Boutique for bringing this into my life.



My new diary from Paperchase

Recently I’ve moved from the reception desk to the events department in the SU and as Freshers is just around the corner there is so much to learn, so many tasks to do and so many key dates. Without a diary I would be a lost mess, well more of lost mess than I am now. This month this little diary has been everywhere I go, its the perfect handbag size, its a day per page which I love and it has a handy plastic wallet in the back for any receipts or tickets. Plus along the theme of getting organised for Uni, it is perfect for getting your term perfectly organised.

Skincare & Beauty


Lets be honest these L’Oreal Clay face masks are pretty much everywhere and I have to say I can see why. They cost £5 each and frankly its a bargain, you can mix and match the masks to create your custom face mask experience. So what does each one do??


The left red mask brightens, the black mask detoxifies and the green mask purifies and mattifies. Personally I have reached for the detox mask the most but on some days I take the time to mix and match the masks to create the exact mask I need. I have been using these masks three times a week and my skin has never felt better.

Clothing & Accessories


This month I’ve barely been seen without my satchel, I know what your thinking..this is supposed to be a student budget page but hear me out. I paid £30.00 for this satchel….How I hear you cry…well….EBAY. I cant afford to buy of these new as they retail at around £130.00 however if your willing to trawl through Ebay you can pick them up for a quarter of the retail price, particularly if your willing to have someone else’s initials embossed on your bag (which I was). I love this bag it fits all my essentials in for work and Uni and still looks stylish (what more could you want).


Finally my favourite item (or items) are these beautiful flowers that my Godmother gave me to when she popped round for tea. I absolutely adore receiving flowers, its 100% the way to my heart (Si take note). So I was over the moon when she gave me these beautiful summer flowers. I think they are from M&S, but you can always find discount flowers from Lidl or your local market.


So those are all things I’ve been loving this month let me know what you’ve been loving this month or if any of my favourites are your favourites too. As always you can find my on Facebook, Instagram or BlogLovin. Sending Leicester cwtches to you all.


Lady Law Student



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