Life with two jobs

My biggest fear is being called lazy, I think this harks back to my days at school when I was notoriously bad at doing any home work, coursework or any practice for my music lessons. I was 100% a lazy child/teenager, however now I sometimes question if I am massively over compensating by trying to do it all.

This week saw me start my full time hours in the Events department, work the box office at the O2 in the evening and still do my bar job around it all. On Friday night one of the lovely regulars in the pub turned round to me out of the blue and told me to stop working so much and relax, I thought nothing of it until I was packing up to go meet some friends in a bar after work. I jumped on to my bike and cycled home and instead of going to meet friends (and inevitably waking up the next day tired and grumpy) I went home to bed.

I don’t whether this need to always be on the go is because I hate being a labelled a lazy student, or whether its because our generation is often branded as being lazy and self entitled. I spend so much of my time running between different jobs and tasks that I’m normally a blur holding a coffee cup. (I really need to learn that saying No to people wont end up in them viewing me with disappointment and muttering “lazy” under their breath)

However this weekend I am going to live up to the lazy stereotype. I am going to enjoy a lazy weekend with Si completely guilt free, I will spend the weekend in  watching films and maybe even enjoy a glass of wine.

So to all you amazing people working full time, or working two jobs, staying at home and raising your children or studying for a degree, don’t forget to take some time to yourself. I hope you all have a relaxing weekend, because I certainly will be.

Lady Law Student 

3 thoughts on “Life with two jobs

  1. I love this! It was a struggle for me going back to my job (I work at a school) after Summer vacay. I also run the before and after care program there so I work like ten hours a day. I went back feeling like it was impossible to do all of that, take care of the house (newly married) AND work on the goals and dreams my husband and I have so that we can work for ourselves one day!

    That first week back was HARD and it can still be a lot at times but it really is about balance and being able to say no. When I have a day planned to relax at home with hubby I turn down most other things because I definitely need a break. I’ve learned it’s best to not break your back for others all the time. We gotta take care of ourselves 1st so we can do what we’ve set out to do. Great post!

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    1. Thanks for the comment, your exactly right its all about learning to take care of yourself as well as working, being a wife and still working towards your goals. Sometimes it seems so overwhelming, but I find taking a deep breath and taking some time for myself and it feels much more manageable.

      For a very long time I was so bad at saying No to things and I’m still working on not feeling guilty every time I do, but I’m getting there. Heres to taking some time for ourselves guilt free 🙂


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