Warwickshire Wedding Shopping

I’m not quite sure where this year is going, it feels like it was March yesterday and I blinked and BAM its now the August Bank Holiday. This week has been jam packed with lots of exciting trips and treats, the start of the week saw me jump into the Student Union Marketing and Events department for some pre-freshers briefing and the end of the week saw me trotting around the lovely White Boutique in Leamington Spa picking my wedding dress!!
So what else happened in between?
On Thursday my lovely Mother and I jumped in the car and headed down to the lovely Walton Hall in Wellsbourne for a mini spa break. Walton Hall is absolutely stunning, the weather was less than ideal on the first day but quite frankly the grounds were so beautiful that the rain didn’t matter.


We started our Mother Daughter trip with a mini pamper session in the spa facilities, our Beauty Therapist for the day Molly was absolutely lovely and made sure that we felt relaxed and pampered all morning. The facilities were in need of a little love and care, and the pool was certainly in need of a jacuzzi, but the staff more than made up for it and both Mum and I had a wonderful day. The down time also meant that I finally got to read “The Cursed Child”, possibly more on that in a different blog post!


So after our strenuous day of being pampered and looked after we dragged ourselves down to the restaurant for dinner in the main hotel. Our dinner was lovely but also the speediest three course meal I think I’ve ever had in my life! We sat down for dinner at 7pm and were done by 8pm (the staff are super efficient to say the least), the speed certainly didn’t detract from the evening but it did make you feel as if they whisking you through as fast as possible.

Wedding Dress Shopping

The next day was hands down my favourite day of the whole trip, mainly because Mum and I picked my wedding dress. Having found the White Boutique on-line a few weeks prior to our trip we bounced out of bed and headed to Leamington for my dress appointment, where we were met by the lovely Ema. If your getting married and you live in the Midlands I highly recommend paying Ema a visit, she was amazing from start to finish. Both Mum and I were a touch overwhelmed once we were faced with a sea of dresses but Ema helped us sift through all the styles and fabrics to find my perfect dress.
The general rule is that you shouldn’t pick the first dress that you try on….well I did exactly that! Once I tried it on I just knew it was the one, and as if it fate would have it the dress is called Zara which is the name of Simons Grandmother 🙂

Stratford-Upon-Avon & Two Noble Kinsman

Having picked my dress and accessories all before 12pm we decided to take a walk around Stratford-Upon-Avon and enjoy the lovely sunshine. Stratford is such a beautiful place, especially when the sun is shining, and not that far from Leicester! It is also packed full of the most amazing shops, my personal favourite was the Magic Shop that also sold ice cream and had the cutest seating area you ever did see!
Finally we finished off our trip away with a visit to the Swan Theatre to see “Two Noble Kinsman”, which is one of the few Shakespeare plays I haven’t seen. It was one of his last plays that he penned before his death and it is based on the Knights Tale by Chaucer. The whole production was absolutely incredible, from the costumes, to the set and the interestingly shaped Horses heads it was an highly entertaining evening.


So that was my lovely trip away in Warwickshire.I hope you all have lovely Bank Holiday weekend, whether your staying at home or going away. Let me know what your Bank Holiday plans are, and if you’ve been to Stratford recently. As always sending lots of Leicester cwtches.

Lady Law Student


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