My September Bucket List

Sometimes I look back on months, weeks, days that have passed and realise that I have wasted my days off on the sofa watching Netflix shows back-to-back (we all do it I know) while eating cereal out of the packet. On one of these recent lazy days off I was scrolling through some blog posts on BlogLovin and I came across a number of bucket list posts. The idea behind these is that bloggers post the things that they want to do before they “kick the bucket”, so in line with this but on a less grand scale I decided to do a monthly Bucket List post where I would outline a few things that I want to achieve. Then at the end of each month, possibly in a section in my monthly favorites I’ll let you know if I managed to complete any, or if I failed completely.

1. Dedicate more time to my friends

I am lucky to have to some quite frankly top notch friends (they really are) however I don’t see them nearly enough. Some of this is due to the fact that as we all get older we’ve moved away, got married, had children and embarked upon demanding careers ( I say this as the full time student of the group), this means that it is often hard to get to together. This month I want to try and see my lovely friends even if its just for a lunch or coffee (so friends be warned Lady Law Student is coming for some quality time).

2. Get off the sofa and work out

Some months I’m super dedicated and I work out nearly 5 times a week and I eat well and just generally have my shit together. However some months, much like this month, I sit on the sofa eating doughnuts and watching documentaries. I have come to realise that I need to find a mid point, the happy medium as it were. So I am going to get off my bum at work three times a week, be it running, yoga or just a work out video at home I’m going to do it (please let me find the motivation).

3. Save some Money

All of my friends and family will testify to the fact that I am a Grade A shopping Queen (bow down before me) (jokes you don’t have to). My wardrobe, makeup counter and bookshelves all show my problems. So this month I will not buy any new clothing, makeup products or books because honestly I don’t need any more stuff. Instead I’m going to save that money and put it towards our wedding/new bed/car etc.

4. Get Organized

The beginning of my final year is looming on the horizon like Smaug the dragon loomed over the Misty Mountains (cheeky little Hobbit reference there for my work wife). So I need to get my ass in gear sort out my study room, plan my time and generally own my final year. Last year I felt like I took on way too much so this year I really want to focus on getting good grades and enjoying the last of my time at Uni.

5. Do some more Baking

I’ve set myself the slightly crazy task of baking my own wedding cake (clearly Lady Law Student had been at the Gin when I came up with this terrible idea). So September shall be the month where I experiment on people with terrible gin based cake concoctions (sorry Simon your waistline will not be thanking me for this). So people of Leicester watch out there shall be a crazy lady with cake on the loose.
So this is my September bucket list, hopefully I manage to achieve some of these things (probably wont but lets give it ago). Let me know if you do the same, and what you manage to cross off your list. As always you can follow me by subscribing to my blog or liking my page on Facebook. Sending huge Leicester hugs.

Lady Law Student 




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