So you’re going to be a law student…

You’ve spent two years cramming for A Level exams, drafting personal statements, visiting prospective universities, panicking about exams, and then the long wait. Maybe you’ve taken a gap year or a few years out, either way the time is finally here your going to be a law student. 


So what should you expect? Are the horror stories true? Are you going to have a life, or will it be three years of tears and case studies? How will you cope? 


In my first year lecture, over two years ago (where does the time go), our the head of our Law school warned us that while other courses would get to enjoy the carefree fun of first year we would be cramming morning noon and night. Was this true? well yes and no. Yes you have to work hard, but you knew that already, but your not going to spend the entirety of your three year degree staring at the Library walls. It’s about balance.



My Ten Top Tips for Surviving 

  1.  Go to lectures – this might seem like a silly point to make, but if you go to the lectures at the time tabled slot then you wont have to spend valuable hours catching up on Black Board.
  2. Do the reading – no one wants to sit in a silent tutor group, it will be the longest hour of your life if no body speaks. It will also help hugely when it comes to revising later on. 
  3. Get to grips with OSCOLA – I spent so much time stressing over my referencing, if you get to grips with it now when it comes to writing your first essay it will make your life easier. Also reference as you go, saves time and you wont have try and frantically remember where you got that case from. 
  4. Buy your text books second hand – Law books are expensive there is no beating around the bush, however if you pick them up second hand from Second and Third years you will save your self some valuable pennies. 
  5. Manage your time – You can still have a life, you can still go out, you can have it all…just make sure you manage your time. Of course you can go out on Wednesday dressed as Mario, if you do your work little and often you wont suddenly be faced with 30 pages of Land law hungover on a Thursday morning. 
  6. Start revising early – Those summer exams roll around quickly, I mean really quickly your there enjoying your Christmas break eating mince pies and then BANG exams are here. Start your revision before the Easter holidays and do little and often and you will ace those exams (and you wont be panic cramming right at the end). 
  7. If your stuck ask for help – E-mail your tutors, they are there to help but do it with plenty of time. If you send them an e-mail a day before something is due to be handed in don’t expect a response!! 
  8. Join the Law society – Not only do they put on great networking events, competitions, sporting events, and the yearly law ball (a well deserved chance to let your hair down). It will also give you the chance to meet important contacts for when it comes to applying for training contracts. 
  9. Buy lots of highlighters and sticky tabs – when it comes to organizing your notes and finding that quote from some obscure academic or judge you will thank your self if you stuck a sticky tab next to it for future use.  
  10. Enjoy your self – Your time at University will fly by, three years might seem like a long time but it will fly by. I swear time is sped up at Uni, so get stuck in and enjoy your self, make friends, join societies and take part. 
Enjoy your time at Uni, good luck and work hard. Let me know if you have any tips for being a law student, or if you have any general student tips. 

Lady Law Student






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