July Favourites

What a month July has been, after the excitement of June (getting older, holiday and engagements) I thought July might have been a bit of anti-climax. However Ive still managed to cram lots of exciting things in-between working lots and lots to save for my final year. So seeing as we are now in August I thought it was time for my July Favorites. 
So without further delay….

Beauty and Beauty Accessories


July Beauty Favourites

Brush Cleaning Mat

Firstly I must apologize for how dirty it is but that also shows how much I use it, this little mat has become part of my weekly brush cleaning routine. This mat works wonders, it has six different textures that help clean all your different make-up brushes without damaging the bristles. It has suction cups on the reverse that means that it attaches to your sink for easy cleaning. This little gem was a present all the way from Canada from my beautiful Canadian Soul Sista, and it was well worth the long trip that it had to travel to get to me. 

NYX Photo- Loving Primer

On a recent trip to the NYX counter in the Boots at Fosse Park, if you live in Leicester you and you like makeup you need to take a visit to the Boots there its massive. Like a Bee to pollen I headed straight to the NYX counter which is stocked with pretty much every single NYX product you could ever dream of trying. I recently decided that I needed to add a primer to my routine so I picked this one up, I highly recommend this product it keeps my makeup on all day and makes putting on foundation a dream. 

NYX – Lingerie

 In the very same shopping trip I picked up these two matte lip products from NYX, they are slightly heavier than the NYX Matte Lip Cream (which I love) which makes them perfect for a night out. I’m a huge fan of nude lips during the summer, I move to a much darker lip in the winter. They have fantastic staying power and could easily be a cheap dupe for Kylie Lip Kits. 

Clinique Beyond Perfecting

Ah Clinique…I tried so hard to stay away, I even tried to find your replacement but alas it was not to be. As you may or may not know I tried to find a replacement for this that was slightly cheaper from NYX, and I lasted all of one week before I had to return to my old friend. I wont beat around the bush I simply hated the NYX foundation from my Pay Day post, the shade was flat and washed me out, the coverage just wasn’t good enough and it felt like it just didn’t sit right. So I reinvested in my old friend, and to be honest one bottle lasts me around 3-4 months so I don’t feel too bad about it. 

 Food and Drink

Edamame Beans


Edamame Beans and Rock Salt

Before my lovely Canadian Soul Sista returned to her snowy home land she got me ridiculously addicted to these beans. If you have been to Wagamamas, Yo! Sushi or any other Japanese restaurant you’ve probably come across these pods of deliciousness. They are soy beans still in there pods that you can eat hot or cold (but they must be cooked), you pop open the pods and munch away on the beans (I cover mine in either salt or a sprinkle of Parmesan). Recently I found them in the Chinese supermarket next to DMU for £1.70 per frozen bag, and I just had to bulk buy and stock my freezer. These are now my favorite snack food, and better for you than crisps. 

Hazelnut milk

I have had such a massive sweet tooth at the moment, I ate an entire bag of cookies on the walk home yesterday (much to Simon’s amusement). The one thing that has helped curb it is Hazelnut milk, I’ve been popping this on my cereal in the morning for a morning burst of sweet goodness. Normally I’m a sucker for Almond Milk but being the rock and roll person I am I decided to mix it up. It successfully transforms your boring healthy bran flakes into a morning treat ..so for that its made it into my favorites.




Brambles Favorites

This month Miss Bramble discovered that she rather liked the taste of our door frame, we decided that while she might like the taste we preferred it teeth mark free. So to curb this new chewing habit we picked up some bitter apple spray from Wits End  it works an absolute dream, she hasn’t gone near the door frames since spraying it on. I’ve even managed to protect my plants from her sharp little puppy teeth with it. 

The second thing on Bramble’s list is the Ruffer and Tuffer rope toys  we picked up two toys from this brand and she loves them, the rope colors make it easy for her to see. The second bonus is that it helps with her teeth coming through and saves our furniture from destruction. So this brand gets Brambles paw of approval! 

So that’s all of mine and Bramble’s favorites this month, next month’s favorites will be slightly different so stay tuned for that. Let me know what you’ve enjoyed this month, and if you have tried any of the things in this post. As always you can follow me on Blog Lovin,or FaceBook you can hit subscribe :). 

Sending lots of Leicester cuddles

Lady Law Student & Bramble 





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