Books, Ikea, and Lemons

Good Afternoon, it is a delightfully sunny day in Leicester today. I love living in the city when the sun is shining, especially in Leicester as there are so many parks within walking distance of where I live. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be just as beautiful so I intend on finding myself a spot in the park with some iced tea, a book and a picnic blanket and enjoying the weather (while covered in factor 50, because I burn!!)

On the topic of books…

For my birthday my lovely Sister in law and her hubby bought me two books, I love reading so books are always a great present.I am forever dragging the boy to second hand book shops and coming away with stacks and stacks of books, in fact I love books so much that I dragged Si and our friends to the largest second hand bookshop in Inverness and spent far too long wandering around the book stacks. Enough rambling…. so the books they bought me were… The Husbands Secret by Lianne Moriarty  

The Husbands Secret

This book was great, if you enjoy books by Kate Morton, this is the perfect book for you. This is the first ever book that I have read by her, and it was so good that once I finished it I was straight on iBooks looking for another one to read. I am big fan of books with that focus on “ordinary” people and relationships between characters, this book had all of this and more. Its the perfect beach book and is a great read. 

 Behind Closed Doors



I normally hate the phrase “unputdownable” , for so many reasons, mainly because its not a word, and secondly just say “I couldn’t put it down”. However…this book I defy you to put it down. I started it last night at work and before I knew it I was 197 pages in. This book was not what I was expecting at all, it is bone chillingly dark in places, granted I’ve not quite finished it yet, but there were parts of this book that really shocked me. It is not a gore filled book but it will make you shiver, it certainly makes you question how much you know about the people around you. 

On a happier note…

I indulged one of my great joys in life and dragged the boy to IKEA on the weekend and picked up some little gems that I’d like to share with you. Firstly, in attempt to make our yard/garden look less yard like we picked up some greenery. 



My favorite is the little lemon tree that Bramble is sat in front of, I don’t know if it will produce lemons that we can actually use but I love how cute it is. We also picked up a little olive tree and two small shrub plants. I plan on picking up some fairy lights to brighten up the wall and some staggered flower beds so I can plant some herbs and flowers. 
Finally we picked up this super cute tray table that we are using as a mini bar area. 


 This comes in lots of different colors but I just loved the gray one a little bit too much and this was my favorite purchase. 
Hope you enjoyed this weeks post, Its my little brothers 21st birthday this week so I may be a bit quieter this week. Let me know if you liked anything your saw in this weeks post and if there are books you loved reading this summer. 
Sending Leicester cuddles to you all. 
Lady Law Student 




4 thoughts on “Books, Ikea, and Lemons

  1. It's the most incredible place, it even had a log fire in the middle so you can sit down and have a read!

    Sadly I think the ending really let the second book down, it was so good right up until the final chapters :(.
    Thank you she's crazy but completely loveable.



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