First of all ….

A huge congradulations to all the Leicester Law Students who graduated yesterday, I can’t imagine how good it must feel to know that all your years of hard work paid off. I got to see some of the fabulous outfits from my reception desk yesterday and you all looked amazing. Big shout out to all of the beautiful ladies from the Union Point reception desk who graduated this week, you all looked stunning and should be so proud of what you achieved.  I hope you all really enjoyed your day, you all earned it. 
Watching everyone graduate made me super excited to do the same next year, I can’t wait to walk up on stage and receive my degree. It also means shopping for a graduation outfit, so keep your eyes peeled for a graduation outfit post in the future 🙂 

This week …

This week I’ve been; baking, working,puppy training, editing my blog layout (let me know what you think), writing an about me section , and receiving lots of lovely post goodies.
 So…what do you do when you’ve got a whole bowl of limes and lots of gin….you make a Gin and Tonic Cake



I doubled the recipe and made two and had a little bit left over for some cupcakes as well and instead of making the candied limes I just grated some lime zest on top of the icing, I also included some tonic in the icing. They are scrummy and one of my lovely ladies has one on its way in the post to her.  I love making loaf cakes and I think that this will probably be my wedding cake, because both the fiancee and I love gin. 

Postal Goodies

Obviously earlier in the week I received my Love Me Beauty Box and was super impressed, today I received my BirchBox and my favourite purchase from ASOS (more on that one later). 
First of all my first ever BirchBox, I was super impressed with the packaging, the Love Me Beauty Box is super cute but this just feels more luxe and a bit more together. The colours are beautiful and the contents was a little bit of everything that I love. 


I can’t wait to try the sheet face masks, I love face masks and I try and do one at least once a week. I suffer with really bad skin at times and it can really get me down, so every week slapping on a face mask really makes me feel much better. There is nothing worse than still having spots at 27…seriously I thought i’d be done with teenage skin by now. 



Also I was so freaking happy to see a spectrum makeup brush included, I’m obsessed with how pretty these makeup brushes are and I can’t wait to try it out. A full sized Frizz Ease was also included with will hopefully save my hair over the humid summer months, fingers crossed. I also can’t wait to try out the nails inc nail varnish which is the prettiest nude pink colour ( a serious wedding nail contender). Finally a full sized lip colour designed by Millie was included, its a beautiful boho pink colour that I’ll be trying out this weekend. 

Finally …..

My wedding shoes arrived, as I’m trying to plan a wedding a student budget I thought I would make the most of my student discount. ASOS has the most incredible wedding collection, and with a 10% student discount I decided to order my first wedding item….MY SHOES 




I know some of you will be thinking…snooze she is wearing flat shoes, well yes I am. Its going to be a long day and I want to be comfy, plus I plan on swapping to a surprise pair of shoes at my reception…which I may reveal later on…or may not. I’m already completely in love with these shoes and they were only £25.00…and with student discount they were only £22.50. 
Hope you enjoyed this post (and the new layout), sorry to spam you with another post only two days after I posted the last one I was just excited to share these with you. Next month I’ll include my Love Me Beauty and Birch Box in one combined post. This weekend I’m dragging the poor boy to Ikea, so if you see a sad bearded man walking round Ikea that will be him. 
Sending lots of Leicester cuddles to you all. 
Lady Law Student 


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